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How to Make an Android Game for Beginners

Game Development core concepts, learn how to make an Android game with Android Studio and Java
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Learn to Make a 2D game in a Very Short Period of Time (Less Than 3 Hours!)
Understand the Fundamental Concepts of 2D Game Creation
Perfect Your Java Skills
You'll create a small yet complete game "Plane Shooter"

Most people, when they hear the term “game development”, think about triple-A game-creating companies like Bethesda or EA. However, even though that is a huge market indeed, there is another group of people concerned with game development - Android developers. Mobile game development is an ever-growing market - more and more people around the world enjoy mobile gaming every single day. If you want to join the esteemed ranks of these developers and learn how to make an Android game from scratch - you’re in luck! This course will provide you with all of the essential tools to do so!

Why Learn How to Make an Android Game?

If you’d ask ten people why they want to learn how to make an Android game, they would probably give you ten different answers. The most common reason that you would encounter would probably be career development. Learning how to create a game app can be the surefire way of securing a stable career path for many years to come! There are a lot of companies looking for good and reliable mobile game development-savvy professionals that could bring some fresh and unique ideas to the table. If you have an idea for a game app that you think could be the next best thing, you might be just who these companies are looking for! All that you need to do now is learn the essential skills for how to make Android games.

On the other hand, a big portion of people that learn how to make an Android game do so because they want to take matters into their own respective hands. Perhaps you feel that you can’t really trust anyone else with your idea, or that no one else will get your vision? Whatever the case might be, learning how to create a game app will allow you to grab the bull by its horns and master the process of mobile game development from start to finish. As a matter of fact, this isn’t really all that rare of an occurrence, either - more and more people choose to work solo, even though it often proves to be a significantly bigger challenge!

Why Take This Course?

Since so many people want to learn how to make an Android game, there’s naturally a huge variety of different online courses that offer to teach this very topic. Why should you pick this specific course, then? Well, first of all, a lot of the courses that you’ll encounter will offer you the same, generic and old-fashioned format of “classwork - homework” assignments. If you choose to enroll in this tutorial, however, you will have the opportunity to create your very first Android game before even finishing the course! You'll improve your Java skills here. You'll build a small, but complete game "Plane Shooter" including different levels of difficulty. I'll show you how to adjust features, such as changing the background image, increasing the plane speed for each level.

Furthermore, since learning how to make Android games is no easy feat, this course is structured and designed in a way that will allow you to study and learn at your own pace. It can get really frustrating trying to keep up with some advanced topics before you even get the hang of the basics - we know this!

I'll also help you learning how to monetize your app through Google AdMob Banner and Interstitial ad so you can actually start earning!

If you’re ready to start learning how to make an Android game, enroll in the course now!

How to Make an Android Game for Beginners
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