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How to make a website with Python and Django? Beginners' course

Learn how to make a website with Python and Django in a quick and practical tutorial to create Django project the easy way
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You'll take control of the power of Python to code out your web applications
You'll understand how to use Django as a back end for your websites
You'll be able to implement a full Models-Views-Templates structure for your site
You'll lear to design models with forms and search using Django
You'll build an OLX clone to understand the logics, content, and utilities used in such website

Learning Python will bring lots of benefits to your career. Are you ready to learn how to make a website with Python and Django? Let's focus on building an OLX clone with Python and Django for product exchange! I'm going to share the best of my knowledge and lead you step-by-step into building a real project for selling any products to other people. We'll start from scratch using walkthrough code projects, completing exercises, and there will be downloadable code notes that'll help you to create a Django project.

Learn how to make a website with Python and Django to improve your skill set with valuable tools

Learning Python and Django for web development is an excellent idea. Although Python is most valued in data science, it has lots of advantages that will prove handy in web development too. It's a great language to start learning programming because of its simple syntax, flexibility, concise code, and great community. If you want to shift your career in the future, Python will serve as a solid foundation in learning any other programming tools.

One of the coolest Python frameworks is Django. Now, Django is also among the most valued frameworks for building web sites. It's an open-source framework supported by an active community that never stops contributing to updating the resources available to all. Django powers many sites with the heaviest traffic on the web, such as Pinterest and Instagram. Facebook also uses it for some behind-the-scenes utilities. A complete Django tutorial for beginners can be found in its documentation, which is outstanding. Of course, in this Django tutorial, you'll get more lively interaction with the teacher and the software. We'll be working on how to make a website with Python and Django in a very practical way.

What are you about to learn in this course?

It's going to be a project-based Django tutorial for beginners, where you'll build an OLX-like website. You're going to cover everything necessary to learn for building a website like OLX. Here's a sneak peek into the main topics that we're going to cover in helping you to learn how to make a website with Python and Django:

  • Downloading the template to create a Django project and pulling all the necessary site data.
  • Creating a product app model.
  • Adding different product categories.
  • Adding the image models of your brand and product.
  • How to set up static and media files.
  • Adjusting product app URLs for simplicity and better appeal.
  • Arranging product app views.
  • Using site templates.
  • Understanding and implementing product pagination.
  • Adding the functionality to perform product search on your site.
  • Adding user accounts.

So, in this very short time we'll spend together, you'll create a fully functional OLX clone website. It's a great way of learning and practicing with new powerful tools.

Beginners, this is your chance to learn Python and Django

You don't need any prior coding experience to enter this Django tutorial. We'll start everything from scratch step-by-step so that you feel confident and in just a few hours, learn how to make a website with Python and Django. Join the learners' community on BitDegree by engaging in the discussion to clarify anything that you might struggle with, or simply letting others know if you liked the course. Start learning now!

How to make a website with Python and Django? Beginners' course
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