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How to make a website from scratch for a beginner?

Enroll in a quick web development tutorial to learn how to make a website from scratch: learn about the website development process, get the right tools and learn about the best CMS for you.
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How to make changes to existing community portal by adding, editing and removing pages
How to set new theme for the whole website
How to customize styles of elements
How to add, edit, delete images on a website

So you want to build a website in as little time as possible, but haven’t had the chance to learn web development yet? Good. It means you won’t need to browse any more because you have already come to the right place to kick off. Get an understanding of how websites work and learn how to make a website from scratch and how to host your own website in just over an hour. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to add and edit pages on a website and customize their styles even if you’ve never done anything like that before. Be my guest and learn howt to build a personal website.

Does it take long to learn how to make a website from scratch?

Depends on the purpose. If you’re up to study web development and build professional websites as a job, then you’ll need to dig deep into every subject, every programming language that you’re going to use. And this will take time because you’ll have to get a complete fundamental understanding of the system. But. If you need to know how to build a personal website, for example, and you needed it yesterday, and you don’t want to invest in hiring a programmer, then you’ll be surprised how quickly you can learn how to make a website and get it going. Plus, you’ll develop a skill that you’ll be able to improve in the future.

I dare to claim that in this web development tutorial, you’ll get the vital information that will help you with building your first basic website from scratch and you'll learn how to howst your own website. And it will take a bit more than an hour.

What will you take away from this web development process course?

While learning how to make a website from scratch, we’ll complete three sections of this course: we’ll study the structure of a website, build a simple HTML page, style it and add images, and also tap into the quick workarounds to get the work done fast. Here are the topics we’ll talk about in your quest to learn web development:

  • You’ll understand what happens when a user enters a URL in the address line.
  • You’ll take an in-depth look at the layers of a web application and understand the naming conventions.
  • You’ll get comfortable around the most used programming languages and components of web applications.
  • You’ll check the web page structure and see how browsers convert code to the page.
  • You’ll learn to use modern browsers to check the code of existing pages and learn to take benefits from that.
  • We’ll take the time to play with styling text.
  • We’ll investigate the types of images and their use in websites, also learning to use IrfanViewer image editor in practice.
  • You’ll get familiar with three different content management systems that will equip you with the tools to build a pretty website with minimum experience. You’ll be able to check the possibilities present in the admin portals of WordPress, Wix, and custom CMS.

All these topics are there to help you find out how to make a website from scratch for a beginner.

A quick web development tutorial for busy people

At this time and age, we’re used to getting results quickly. You can either hire someone or find a quick solution in how to make a website. This web development process course is precisely for those who want to play around a bit and learn how to make a website from scratch themselves. Understand the fundamentals of a web application in the quickest time possible! Enroll in and let’s get it started: time to learn how to build a personal website.

How to make a website from scratch for a beginner?
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