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JavaScript Beginner Project: How to Make a Web App with JavaScript

Going straight to the point of how to make a web app: a quick step-by-step JavaScript web app tutorial providing you with the essentials in an hour!
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How to use your browser console to write JavaScript code
How build a web app with JavaScript Quickly
You'll practice front-end web programming with JavaScript

If you wonder how to make a web app easily and quickly (in a bit over one hour), then you’re in luck. This JavaScript web app development tutorial is the right one for you, wherein a minimum amount of time you’ll cover the essentials of JavaScript to be able to build a web app with JavaScript. Use the programming language to create interactive web pages with animations, clickable buttons, pop-up menus, etc. Use this JavaScript beginner project to collect some hands-on experience, which will help you get to the core of JavaScript programming language.

How to make a web app quickly?

Following the step-by-step guidance in this JavaScript beginner project, you’ll see how to build a web app with JavaScript the quick way. JavaScript is an object-oriented scripting language that allows you to make web pages interactive. You may also connect it to the objects of its environment and provide programmatic control over them in, for example, a web browser or other host environment. It can be extended to various purposes when you use it with additional objects, such as client-side JS or server-side JS. Probably, the number 1 advantage valued by those working with JavaScript is that you can produce the same result with no regard to what modern browser you’re using. It also guarantees a fast execution process in the client environment. Also, JavaScript’s syntax is easy and flexible for coders to use, thus making it a quick language to pick-up, especially if you want to learn how to make an app with JavaScript.

Use the personal assistant for learning how to build a web app with JavaScript

Right at the first minute of this JavaScript web app tutorial, we’ll waste no time and start by quickly entering the console in your browser so you can start writing code for your first JavaScript application. You’ll write your very first ‘Hello, world’ line in a matter of minutes – and this is the nature of this course on how to make a web app. That is, wasting no time on what you don’t need.

  • We’ll run sprints with developing pop-up messages, user inputs, defining variables – and learning about the types of variables.
  • You’ll learn to store sequences of values and keyed collections.
  • Another important topic will be the concept of data types.
  • You’ll get experience with manipulating text and strings.
  • After that, we’ll go through 3 parts of JS operators, followed by function invocations and returning values.
  • Finally, to make sure you know how to make an app with JavaScript properly, you’ll execute a block multiple times, as well as the sequence of actions.

So, that’s a rough outline of what you’re going to learn in this JavaScript web app tutorial – your learning path from zero to knowing how to make a web app.

Turn into a highly-paid professional

Experienced JavaScript professionals are still harder to find, compared to front-end developers working mainly with HTML or CSS. JavaScript is among the top 5 most frequently mentioned programming skills in job ads in the US (together with C, SQL, Java, and Python). Predicting your salary is always a slippery road to take. Still, trusted sites calculating salary statistics point out that a newbie JS developer can expect to earn around $63k per year, and those highly qualified can hit the six-figure salaries on average. It looks like a solid reason to start this JavaScript web app tutorial and begin this JavaScript beginner project with learning how to make a web app!

JavaScript Beginner Project: How to Make a Web App with JavaScript
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