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Professional Tips: Learn How to Make a Poster in Photoshop

Get a quick tutorial on how to make a poster in Photoshop and learn other advanced Photoshop graphic design tools
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You'll learn and practice creating professional designs
You'll build outstanding ads
You'll learn professional tools and techniques to manipulate photos
You'll add 10 projects to your portfolio

It’s time to get professional skills in photo manipulation! If you can already use Photoshop graphic design basic tools, then join this course to learn how to make a poster in Photoshop like professionals do. Level up in your designer career, learning some new cool features of graphic design in Photoshop. In this course, you’re going to learn professional techniques to manipulate and integrate images to create beautiful ads and posters. Ten projects are waiting for you, and I’ll be explaining every move and click of my mouse as I work on Photoshop to make sure you take the greatest benefit from this tutorial. Let’s get started!

One of the quickest ways to learn how to make a poster in Photoshop

When you start learning Photoshop, you may read some books to get the point of how the software works and what you’re capable of doing with it. But then YouTube becomes your main instructor, right? However, on YouTube, you’ll hardly find a consistent course to follow that would help you to master the tools you need when learning how to make a poster in Photoshop.

This course will only take 3 hours (+ whatever you need to play around additionally) in which I’ll show you how to make an ad in Photoshop or a poster. I’m in the industry for already more than five years. In this time, I had hundreds of different clients and completed thousands of designs, so I know what people are expecting from a graphic designer, and how to satisfy their needs instantly.

What are you going to learn in this professional advertising design course?

We’ll waste no time and jump straight into developing advanced Photoshop graphic design skills for photo manipulation. You’ll practice a lot while learning how to make a poster in Photoshop. Here’s a list of the 10 projects that you’ll practice working on together with me guiding every single step:

1. You’ll design a poster with an invitingly-looking burger suitable for promoting fast-food restaurants.
2. You’ll learn to build a sports poster practicing a lot with graphic design in Photoshop tools.
3. You’ll create a distinctive design of racing cars, starting from scratch and playing with design characters.
4. You’ll have fun designing a horse-racing event, adding some kitten humor to deliver a hidden idea.
5. You’ll learn how to make an ad in Photoshop for certain products.
6. You’ll work on creating a VR poster.
7. You’ll let your imagination go wild, creating a teacup out of fruit, using innovative techniques.
8. You’ll design a miniature golf court that can be used in a professional ad.
9. You’ll build a movie poster with quality images in a professional way.
10. You’ll get ideas for a social campaign, creating an anti-smoking poster.

Get professional skills quickly

When you have a good tour guide in discovering the cool Photoshop features, it’ll take very little time to learn to use them on a high level. You’ll learn how to make a poster in Photoshop and get amazing ideas for your next projects! Let’s get to work – enroll in!

Professional Tips: Learn How to Make a Poster in Photoshop
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