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From story to a professional film: How to make a movie from zero?

A quick and straight to the point filmmaking course for beginners on how to make a movie like a professional.
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You'll develop your story idea
You'll plan for pre-production, production and post-production
You'll find out how to fully develop a professional short film with proper documentation
You'll understand what sets apart amateur and professional filmmaking

How do you take your idea and turn it into a professional short film from zero? I’m all open to share the best I know about how to make a movie even when you don’t have any experience before you start. If you dream about making a short film and ready to go public beyond the amateur film space, you’re exactly in the right place to start! Learn how to become a pro short filmmaker that everyone will want to work with.

Why should you choose this course to learn how to make a movie?

Some people might think that if they have a great idea for making a short film, they can grab a camera, gang up with friends and start shooting the scenes. This will be fun to do, but the outcome will be… amateur. So before you start planning, start with a filmmaking course to get the essential questions answered and avoid some primitive mistakes.

Why should you learn from me, though? No surprise – I’ve been in your shoes. Having a huge desire to learn how to make a movie and actually to make one, I managed to bring together a crew of 40 members out of nowhere. I reached an audience of more than 10,000 with my debut short film The Painter (2014). I began my career when I was 18 and worked my way up to the Hollywood film industry. Some of the most popular films globally that I’ve worked on are The Walking Dead, War of the Planet of the Apes, Aquaman, and others. So, I’m sharing this course and the best practical tips and tricks on how to make a short film because I know that you can do it too!

What will you learn in this quick & sharp course?

This filmmaking course is full of short and straight to the point lessons on the essential topics that you must cover. Let’s have a look at what you’re going to learn in each section:

  • You’ll get tips on crystalizing and developing your idea. You’ll learn to create characters for your story, to build an outline, plan the time, and gather ideas related to crew, cast, locations and other resources needed for making a short film.
  • You’ll investigate what pre-production is made of. We’ll discuss the script, storyboards and concept art, as well as budgeting. I’ll explain the critical issues that you might easily overlook, such as cast and crew contracts, film insurance, etc.
  • You’ll build an understanding of the production process.
  • You’ll see how it all works in the post-production period, working on the rough cut and then final cut.
  • You’ll check out what empowers you best for visual effects, Foley sound production, how to make a movie music composition.
  • You’ll also find out how to present your video for the public audience. You’ll get tips from my best practice attending film festivals, using YouTube release and similar things.
  • As a bonus, you’ll also get amazing tips on networking, additional material on visual effects, and then answering the question ‘How to get a job in Hollywood.’

The best part – learning how to make a short film is going to be fun with no signs of getting bored!

Are you ready to produce a professional film of your own?

Learning how to make a movie in this course, you’ll get empowered with new insights and ideas on how to produce a short film like a professional – even when you’ve never done anything like that before! So, if you’re entirely new to film, fresh out of film school, or switching from your career to an exciting world of film, then look no further. Let your journey begin right here!

From story to a professional film: How to make a movie from zero?
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