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How to Make a 2D Game in Unity: Unity For Beginners Course

Learn all you need to know about making 2D games in Unity 3D game engine!
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What the basic game design principles are
How to use the Unity 3D Game Engine
How to make a 2D game in Unity
How to create a fully-fledged digital version of Rush Hour
How to make custom levels and navigate the editor

Show me a person who hasn’t ever played a game. It doesn’t matter if you’re a kid or an adult – playing a game is a great way to relax and distract yourself from the daily worries while also exercising your strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities. It’s not surprising a lot of people who have experienced a lasting passion for games want to share it with others by choosing game development as a career.

One of the most popular options among rookies is making 2D games in Unity. The reasons are clear: 2D visuals are much easier to build than 3D, and Unity is one of the game development industry giants. In this 2-hour tutorial, Jack Donaldson will explain how to make a 2D game in Unity for beginners. Being a professional software developer with a personal passion for game development, he is eager to share his expertise with other enthusiasts!

Find Out How to Make a 2D Game From Scratch!

In this course, you will create a digital version of a classic board game called Rush Hour. If you’re not familiar with it, don’t worry: before you learn how to make a 2D game in Unity, you will be introduced to both the overview of the tutorial and the concept of the game.

In the second section of the course, Jack Donaldson will be explaining Unity for beginners:

  • You will go through each step of installing the Unity game engine and the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE
  • You will get to know the layout of both programs and learn to use Unity (to design the game) and Visual Studio (to write your actual code)
  • You will find out how to import various assets and textures when making 2D games in Unity so you don’t need to build every single thing from scratch!

Following the clear and detailed lectures, you will learn all the steps required from installing Unity on your computer to exporting a finished game. Jack Donaldson will teach you about creating different levels, creating menus and user interfaces, adding music, and dealing with basic C# programming.

You Don’t Need Years of Studying to Create Games!

The course itself takes two hours. Understanding how to make a 2D game and completing the project can take around 6–8 hours in total, depending on your skill level and learning speed. Think about it – in less than a typical workday, you will have a fully functional game you made on your own!

Before you start the course, make sure your computer specifications are compatible with the system requirements for the Unity game engine. While it is generally known as a lightweight option (as opposed to, for example, the Unreal Engine), it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Learning from a practicing professional is an excellent way to master any topic. However, it’s best to choose the one who is also genuinely passionate about it. Jack Donaldson will make sure you learn how to make a 2D game and get hooked on game development – enroll in the course now!

How to Make a 2D Game in Unity: Unity For Beginners Course
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