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ICO for Dummies: Learn How to Invest in ICO in Just One Hour!

Find out how investing in ICOs works by learning to choose the reliable ones and minimize the risk!
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How to invest in ICOs
How to recognize smart contract-based ICOs
How to identify ICOs that are worth your investment
How to minimize the loss and maximize the profit

Most private corporations issue some new shares that they offer investors. This process is called an initial public offering, or IPO. However, a few years ago, a new term appeared and shook the world of finance. Initial coin offering, commonly known as ICO, is basically the same as IPO – except it deals with cryptocurrencies.

To explain ICO in simple terms, it is a type of funding, during which investors can acquire tokens of a particular cryptocurrency by paying in either money or other types of cryptocurrencies. If the funding is successful, the tokens can be used as currency.

Just like with IPO, investing in ICO can be a profitable option. Still, there are a few rules you must know not to throw your money down the drain! In this short but comprehensive course, I will explain how to invest in ICO with minimum risk and get a chance to become a millionaire.

Investing in ICO for dummies: understanding the risk

For a company, ICO is much easier to organize than IPO, because there’s a lot less documentation involved. All you need is to present an ICO whitepaper to the investors, explaining what problem you’re planning to solve and how.

However, the problem with less paperwork and regulations is that it sometimes opens doors to dishonest people. A lot of ICO in the past have turned out to be scams, and that’s why a lot of social networks have forbidden marketing ICOs on their platforms. According to Bloomberg, more than half of the companies that organized ICOs die within the first four months.

Understanding how to invest in ICO means first and foremost learning to recognize a reliable offer. That’s why in this course, we’re going to discuss all the factors that can help you make an informed decision and minimize the risk of losing the money you invested.

The best beginner’s guide on how to invest in ICO

We will begin our course by getting familiar with the basics of investing in ICO. I will go through every factor that can help you identify one that is worth investing in and teach you to recognize the ones you should stay away from. You will learn about the most popular factors, as well as the ones beginners and even advanced players tend to skip.

Any change in the protocol of a cryptocurrency is called a fork: I will make sure you understand what can be the types of a fork and what does it mean to an investor. For a practical example on how to invest in ICOs, I will present you with the ICOs I personally have invested in last year and explain why and how I chose these ones in particular.

Lastly, we will see how to invest in ICO by going through all the practical steps, including creating a Coinbase account and an Ether wallet. Investing in ICOs doesn’t need to be hard – take this course, learn how to choose and purchase your first tokens, and keep your fingers crossed!

ICO for Dummies: Learn How to Invest in ICO in Just One Hour!
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