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Building Business Relationships: How to Inspire Others

Use your emotional intelligence to build successful business relationships with your colleagues, partners, and clients!
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What the psychology behind motivation and influence is
How your brain works and how this affects your thinking, empathy, and understanding
How and why people with different social interaction styles react and behave in the way they do
How you use your emotional and social intelligence to interact with others and build relationships

There is no position in the whole wide world that would allow you to work completely isolated. No matter what type of business you decide to work in, you will always have managers, colleagues, partners, or clients. Even as a freelancer, you can often find collaborations and partnerships inevitable for a certain result to be achieved.

Naturally, building business relationships becomes an integral part of our professional lives, and there is no better way to communicate and work together than by motivating each other to constantly step forward. Would you also like to find out how to inspire others? If so, this course is precisely what you need!

Learn how to build business relationships with an expert!

In two and a half hours of this comprehensive course, you will be guided by Robin Hills. Working with businesses small and large, he has been building business relationships for over thirty-five years. Robin is an emotional intelligence (EI) coach and the director of Ei4Change – a company specializing in EI-based personal development and training. As a professional coach, trainer, and facilitator, he knows how to inspire others and be a great manager and colleague. 

Robin is also an author of two books called ‘The Authority Guide to Emotional Resilience in Business’ and ‘The Authority Guide to Behaviour in Business’. The latter one deals with the same topics that are covered in this course – however, as an expert in EI, Robin knows full well that people prefer different learning styles. If you feel like video lectures are more up your alley, this course will help you grasp how to inspire others and build business relationships that just keep on giving!

A step-by-step guide to building business relationships

To start the course, Robin explains the main concepts of emotional and social intelligence and the way they affect our professional and personal lives. You will also learn what the main human factors are. Without understanding their positive and negative aspects, it would be hard to grasp how to inspire others and how to motivate people you meet in your daily work.

Next, you will move to understanding how the brain and mind perception works. Understanding what makes people tick and how they perceive and react to certain situations, you will not only feel more confident but also gain the trust of your colleagues and partners.

Find out how to inspire others by understanding people’s differences

To help you become even better in building business relationships, Robin will explain the four different social interaction styles and the ways different people usually react to pressure and stress. Using the personality tests provided in the lectures, you will be able to find out your own style, as well as evaluate your colleagues and partners.

Following Robin’s advice, you will be able to prevent tension between different personalities, use everyone’s strengths to the limit, and create long-lasting relationships within the organization. Using the newly-gained knowledge on emotional and social intelligence, you’ll know how to build business relationships and make your business run like a well-oiled machine in no time – start the course now!

Building Business Relationships: How to Inspire Others
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