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How to Get Into Hollywood: Landing Your Dream Job

Find out how to get into the film industry from a professional who was once in your shoes!
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How the Hollywood film industry works and what skills it requires
How to identify your dream job in the film industry
What steps you should take to land your first job in Hollywood
What can help you stay competitive in the industry

Most people don’t know how to get into Hollywood. It’s not likely you will get offered a position like this in the employment office or notice an ad in a newspaper’s job section. These positions are highly sought-after, which means you need to show some initiative to be considered. But where do you start?

Why is getting into Hollywood such an attractive option?

At one point or another, a lot of young people think about how to get into Hollywood. Why? There are multiple reasons. First of all, it’s a massive industry with a lot of entry-level jobs as well as career opportunities. There’s no way of knowing where getting into Hollywood as an intern might take you if you prove to have the skills and personal qualities required for the job! 

Second, it’s a bit of a dream to see your name in the movie credits, right? And knowing you took part in something that people will watch years and years to come is a great feeling. There are also multiple departments, which means Hollywood needs people with different skill sets as well. Last but definitely not least, the film industry is known as lucrative – and a bit of extra cash never hurts.

Learn how to get into Hollywood with someone who took all the steps themselves!

The best person to give advice is always someone who has once been in your shoes, and there is no one to explain how to get into the film industry better than someone who actually works there. Vicki Lau is a visual effects creator who has worked in multiple Hollywood blockbusters, including Guardians of the Galaxy, Alice Through the Looking Glass, and The Walking Dead.

In this two-hour course, she will explain to you all the tips and tricks on how to get into Hollywood. The topics covered in video lectures will entail:

  • How to choose the right entry-level position for you according to your skills and interests
  • How to select the right project and team to join
  • How to create a CV and a personal website to advance your career
  • How to communicate with new connections, including producers and recruiters
  • How to get a job in Hollywood... and not stop there: the career ladder and hierarchy
    and much more!
Find out how to get into the film industry from the professionals!

Vicki Lau works with visual effects. If you’re interested in a different department, you might think she will not be able to cover all the topics relevant to you personally. Fear not! In this tutorial, you will also find video interviews with seasoned Hollywood professionals working in different fields:

  • Graham Flashner – a senior writer and producer
  • Christophe Ivins – a VFX compositor and cinematographer
  • Mitch Mitton – a theme designer, fabricator, and sculptor
  • Vincent Bryant - a music composer and sound mixer

Combining their knowledge, you will understand how to get into Hollywood in no time! Get ready to find out how the movie industry really works and how you can become a part of it!

How to Get Into Hollywood: Landing Your Dream Job
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