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Discover How to Edit Instagram Videos With Canva and VivaCut

The use of Canva and VivaCut mobile apps for learning how to make a video for Instagram
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How to create Instagram videos
How to turn vertical videos into square videos
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How to use Canva and VivaCut

Instagram is a social networking application that lets you share photos, videos, and stories with people from all over the globe. While Instagram was treated as a platform for personal use, more and more businesses benefit from it as well. In this course on how to edit Instagram videos, I will show you how you can captivate people, and convince potential customers to purchase your products or services. 

According to statistics, video content in Instagram receives 40% more engagement than posts featuring images. In this Instagram course, I will be working with two applications: VivaCut and Canva. Both of these apps are for mobile devices, meaning that you do not have to transfer video content to your computer for editing purposes. Instead, you can learn how to make a video for Instagram, edit it, and post it straight from your mobile phone. 

Canva: a simple graphic-design tool 

Canva for Instagram is a free mobile application for both Android devices and iPhones (you can find this app in their official stores). The app follows a drag-and-drop principle, making the tool quite easy to use. For instance, when you choose a specific design, you can simply insert your video in the designated place. In this course on how to edit Instagram videos, you will learn to use Canva for Instagram as the go-to tool for improving your visual content. 

VivaCut: a professional video editor

VivaCut is a mobile-based application for learning how to edit Instagram videos. It lets you add texts, transitions, filters, music, create collages, slideshows, etc. VivaCut is simple to use, but its editing features can help you make professional video content. Nobody will be able to tell that you edited your videos with an Android app. Therefore, VivaCut is perfect for learning how to make a video for Instagram and editing it to perfection. 

What will you find in this course? 

In this Instagram course, I will show you the design and editing ideas for promotional, motivational, behind the scenes, vertical, round, and photo-based videos. After learning how to edit Instagram videos with Canva and VivaCut, you will be able to publish posts that are more likely to get that buzz and followers you are looking for. 

Representation is also essential for influencers. Therefore, if you wish to take this popular role, you should consider making your account as neat and captivating as possible. What would be a better way to reach potential followers if not with video content that looks neat and professionally made? Do not hesitate to learn how to edit Instagram videos as it will give you an advantage against other influencers. 

In the last section of this course on how to edit Instagram videos, I will be providing you with a list of frequently asked questions. Therefore, if you have any concerns, it is possible that other students had them as well. For instance, one of the questions I get is whether people can use other editing tools. The answer is simple: of course you can, but you need to choose a tool that has a multilayer timeline or the coating option. Basically, it lets you add video content on top of an image. 

Discover How to Edit Instagram Videos With Canva and VivaCut
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