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How to Draw an Alien Step by Step

The best chance to let your imagination run wild – find out how to draw an alien in Adobe PhotoShop!
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How to create creature concept art
How to draw an alien portrait
How to use the mirror technique

There are many reasons why you’d want to know how to draw an alien. Maybe you have an excellent idea for a fantasy book and dream of illustrating it yourself. Perhaps you want to master digital art and feel like a simple alien head is a great exercise. Or maybe you just have a little bit too much creativity in your veins, desperately waiting to be unleashed?

No matter the reason, you’ve come to the right place! In this short tutorial, Sandra Süsser will show you how to draw an alien step by step, using the tool universally loved by graphic designers – Adobe PhotoShop. Sandra is a German freelance digital artist with a specialty in game art and creature design, so she is definitely the best instructor you could hope for!

Find Out How to Draw an Alien… Using Stuff You Already Have!

When you’re learning how to draw an alien head, the first step is definitely the hardest. If you have a wild imagination, your mind is probably already drawing up various kinds of scales, spikes, tentacles, and so on. But where do you start? The shape of the face, the eyes – wait, will it even have eyes? It’s all up to you!

In this course, Sandra Süsser introduces a great way to use everyday objects as a basis for a simple alien head. Anything you have on hand can help you shape the foundation for your creature concept art. No one will ever know that a gorgeous otherworldly creature you created started off as a salt shaker or that squeaky toy your dog had!

Combining Theory and Practice for the Best Result!

In the very first lectures of this course, the instructor will explain how to use your smartphone camera to capture symmetrical images and how to draw an alien head by building layers, colors, and details upon it. She will share valuable tips and tricks she has learned from practice – you will hear:

  • What applications you should use to create that perfect symmetrical image using the camera of your smartphone
  • What details you should concentrate the most on if you want your alien to look more humanoid-like
  • What kinds of details you should combine to achieve a realistic look
  • How to use the mirror technique in PhotoShop, and how to replicate the effect if you’re using an older version of the software that doesn’t have this feature yet

In addition to that, the course includes several project timelapse examples created by the instructor herself. This way, you can see the whole process of transforming a simple photograph of an everyday item to a gorgeous alien portrait, ready to be used for illustrations. In just under an hour, you will know how to draw an alien step by step!

Concept art can become your hobby, your profession, and even a form of art therapy. Unleash your creativity and come up with a whole new species – enroll in the course now and find out how to draw an alien!

How to Draw an Alien Step by Step
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