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Game design: Start from zero to hero in Photoshop

Learn game design in an easy and simple way
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Design your own games and make profit from that

Do you want to learn to design your own games ?

Do you want to work as designer or a freelancer ?

In this course you will learn how to achieve that and you will level up to become a professional  designer.

By taking this course you will learn new tools and techniques that will help you improve your skills in design

in this course you will learn how to design some famous games and you will learn how to create and design your own games

through these techniques that you will learn in this course.

this course is for :

- Games programmers.

- Freelancers.

- People who wants to improve their skills in Graphic design.

by the end of this course you will be able to :

- Design full games.

- Work as a freelancer and gain good amount of money by designing games for companies and individuals in markets like Freelancer Fiver


This course has three main sections. In each section we design a different game with different tools so there can be some sort of diversity to make the student understand how to create the game according to the context.

You will also learn a lot more about the adobe Photoshop software in this course how to use several tools and how to put it into work.

The adobe Photoshop software’s is mainly made for editing pictures but it can also work for other types of designs because at the end of the day it’s a tool that you can harness to create your own designs whether its games apps or anything else because it all comes down to your creativity to create your design in a professional way.

Of course there are other software’s that you can use to create games designs like the illustrator which is a wonderful software but this course is mainly for the people who want to learn to create game designs and are familiar with the Photoshop but don`t want to learn how to use another software.

The most important thing in design is to improve your skills and use the tools that you have to create the designs you want and the Photoshop is one of the most important tools in the design world plus creating game designs is fun and can bring you a lot of money so how about you take a little of your time to improve your skills in design and learn how to design games using the Photoshop software and don`t worry I will be with you on every step of the way.


we are here to ensure that you become a professional designer.

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Game design: Start from zero to hero in Photoshop
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