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How to Create an Online Course From a Book & Promote It Efficiently

Take this course on how to create an online course and find ways to turn your book into a course
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How to Format the Content of Your Book Into a Ready to Use Course
How to Make Your Content More Appealing to the Audience
How to Make Your Course Into Various Formats to Interact With Different People

So, you have written a book or even a few. You have collected a lot of knowledge and would like to share it with the World. Or maybe, you want to find new unique ways to promote your book. Online teaching sounds like a perfect job for you! This tutorial will show you the best methods on how to create an online course from a book. You'll be able to teach online classes, promote your work, and increase your income after finishing this tutorial. That's a win-win situation!

** Learn From an Expert **

People think that writing a book is hard and saying that it's a piece of cake would be a lie. However, trying to understand how to teach online courses can sound even more intimidating. One could say, that nowadays, turning a book into an online course seems like witchcraft. But, not everything that looks difficult actually is. So, as opposed to writing an original novel, learning how to create an online course will prove to be a child's play. In this online teaching course, you will learn how to break the content of your book into segments and how to organize them into an online course.

This tutorial is taught by Alun Hill. He's a successful businessman, popular online instructor and most importantly has a ton of experience as a journalist. Therefore, it's safe to assume that Alun understands both: writing and teaching concepts. Furthermore, his knowledge of marketing is immense, and he's sharing it with you so that your courses and books would sell better. Hence, if you want to learn about teaching online from a true professional, Alun is the perfect tutor for you!

Turn Your Book Into a Course and Create a Marketing Strategy

First, this tutorial will give you a brief introduction on how people teach online classes so that you can get the scoop on the things. You will get familiar with the basic principles behind the process. Turning your book into a course or a live event will be something you will not only want to do but will be capable of doing. After your induction, you will learn how to create an online course on your own. Everything from breaking your book into small parts to formatting it will be explained thoroughly. You will be able to complete practical tasks with your own book while watching the course.

After building a solid understanding of how to create an online course from your book, you will learn how to market the class correctly. Marketing will help you reach more people. Some people say that good marketing is the key to success. And they're not wrong! After all, you will need the publicity to make your lessons stand out. Marketing will help you with sales, as well. This tutorial will empower you with all of the tools that you need to achieve success. After this course, you will be able to create and sell online courses and feel more confident than ever. 

Reach Out to Your Readers and Students

Last, but not least, you will not only learn how to make extra money from your book but also how to reach out to people who have purchased it and offer them more fantastic content. That will help you build a loyal and active community as well as understand your customers better.

If you have a book, or you are writing one right now, this course will teach you how to create an online course and how to share it with the World. You will be able to teach online courses like a pro, help people improve themselves and promote your content. Enroll now and make an online course in no time!

How to Create an Online Course From a Book & Promote It Efficiently
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