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How to create an API with .NET CORE 3.0

.NET CORE 3.0 API tutorial: learn how to create an API easily
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You'll be confident dealing with API requests and responses
You'll build your own authentication system

How to create an API with .NET Core 3.0 in 4.5 hours? The answer to you is right in this course. No-nonsense training with lots of practice writing code in front of your eyes, sharing the project files and using the most of your time to learn quickly and effectively. I’m a big fan of .NET Core, and I’ll show how you can deal with API requests and responses and how to build your own authentication system in one sharp and straight-to-the-point tutorial. If you’re a beginner or someone who wants to transition to .NET Core, be my guest in this .NET Core API tutorial!

What’s the value of learning how to create an API with .NET Core technology?

.NET Core 3.0 has brought many benefits for desktop-based applications. The first and foremost, it improves the overall app performances, and runtime updates are much faster. Since the platform is open-source, it can now offer innovative BCL and APIs free of compatibility issues. Plus, the cloud-based technology offers superlative cross-platform performance.

In this course, you’ll learn how to build an API from someone whose an expert in .NET Core working for many years in various technology-related projects taking different roles. I’ve always loved to accept arising challenges and use the best and quickest methods to resolve them. I’m now matured to share the knowledge because I can quickly see solutions without much theorizing.

What will you learn in my API tutorial?

Pure code and pure explanations. Only the things that you’ll use in real life.

  • We’ll start with the basics, such as learning how to get, retrieve, find, and deal with requests for your APIs.
  • You’ll get a clear explanation of how to hand over routes to the API, the entry point of the API.
  • You’ll practice sending responses.
  • We’ll discuss HTTP method restrictions to handle security issues with the APIs.
  • Authentication is going to be the longest and probably the most exciting part of this course to learn how to create an API. We’ll look deep into the system, which will use the SQL database.
  • While learning how to build an API with .NET Core 3.0, you’ll also learn about the SQL server, for example, about sending emails using .NET Core.
  • You’ll also tap into some bits of C# attributes, for example, catching an HTTP request before the actual handling of the request.
  • You’re going to learn a really good piece of code that you’ll be able to copy and use in your own .NET Core API, which is very practical for your future.
All about the practical skills

When teaching how to create an API, I’m going to focus predominantly on practice. That’s how I’ve learned things, and that’s my way of teaching others. I’ll only share what’s been tried and tested and proven in my practice. You’ll need a bit of preparation before starting with the first lesson (see course requirements). So, let’s not waste any more time! Start learning how to create an API, create your project right now.

How to create an API with .NET CORE 3.0
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