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How to Create an Android App: A Comprehensive Bootcamp for Beginners

Learn how to use Android Studio, how to create an Android app by getting the basics of Kotlin, and add your first app to your portfolio!
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You'll build your first Android apps from scratch
You'll get closer to being able to apply for Junior Android Developer positions
You'll learn to use Kotlin and Andrid Studio for app development

Hello and welcome! The Android world is gaining momentum, and it’s not too late to jump into the train and start building apps. Whether for fun or as your career vision. Just think about all the robots and smart-houses, smart-cars, smart-everything being created right now. The world is going to need loads of developers to keep things supported and growing. The good news is that it doesn’t take long to learn how to create an Android app. In this Android development tutorial, you’ll learn to do that very quickly, and then add more detailed knowledge of databases, authentication, and many other important topics – even about how to market your apps and prepare for a junior Android developer position!

Learn how to create an Android app and increase your value

There are many boys in high schools who know how to make an Android app because it’s not rocket science. However, Android developer’s role will entail a bit more than creating fun quizzes or 3D games. As you gain more experience, you’ll also develop advanced apps, you’ll be fixing bugs, do some serious testing which requires technical expertise. Also, you’ll need some soft skills, because working as a team member, you’ll collaborate with other departments to create a strong product. And finally, an outstanding Android developer will need to keep pace with the latest trends and adapt to constant changes in the environment. When you follow these steps, you’ll be a highly valued, in-demand specialist almost anywhere in the world. Sounds like a dream job!

But in this course, we’ll start with step number 1, which is learning how to create an Android app. Something you can’t skip, but I’ll help you to skip what you don’t need, and focus on getting started effectively. As an entry-level Android developer, you can expect to make something around $60k per year in the United States, which is a mind-blowing salary for someone with just a starting experience in the field. And have you already googled out how much a senior app developer makes? You’ll be amazed. I’m here to help you to get started!

What do you need to study to learn how to create an Android app?

So, here’s what our course content is going to include:

  • Kotlin for Android. We’ll start this Android development tutorial with learning the basics of Kotlin. It will be easy and get you prepared for the next sections where you’ll actually build apps. If you’ve already made friends with Kotlin, you may skip this section and move to the next one.
  • We’ll then move on to learn how to use Android Studio. Something very convenient and powerful, Android Studio will make your life much easier for learning how to make an Android app. You’ll create your first project and start using what you learn in practical tasks. You’ll learn about different types of layout, and understand the overall creation process in Android development.
  • Finally, you’ll build your own apps (of your choice – you may skip the parts if the suggested apps won’t be interesting for you), learn to add the code for images and more practical stuff. For learning purposes, we’ll be using the IntelliJ IDEA development environment.

The right place at the right time!

In just 4 hours, you’ll move from zero knowledge enthusiast to someone who knows how to use Android Studio, how to create an Android app, and you’ll already have something to add to your portfolio! Take this opportunity and wait no longer.

How to Create an Android App: A Comprehensive Bootcamp for Beginners
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