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How to Create a Webinar That’ll Bring You Money?

The secrets of how to create a webinar and use it for giving value to your audience while making a higher profit
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You'll find out the key areas that you need to focus on your account
You'll learn how to take advantage of Twitter in your webinar marketing
You'll discover how joint venture partners can help you
You'll get your hands on GoToWebinar platform to get ready for broadcasting your webinars
You'll learn how to turn your webinars into a reliable source of income

Webinars have become a common form of education in the emerging W3 era. Learning how to create a webinar is equally important to being an expert in your specific field. If you lack knowledge and skills in webinar marketing, you won’t be able to reach a big audience and convert your experience into profit. Knowing how does a webinar work, knowing how to create a webinar play a vital role in your overall success of educating people and turning it into your source of income. The best thing in the world is converting your passion and knowledge into money so that it doesn’t feel like working anymore! And I’m here to help you on that road. Grab my hand, and let’s roll!

The basic principles and tips for winning audience

It’s all about giving value to people. Even when reading this webinar training course description, I want you to take something away with you like how to do a webinar presentation properly. But of course, after you learn how to set up a webinar, you will need to learn about webinar marketing. We have a place for that in our webinar training course.

So here are a couple of quick tips on how you can use Twitter to generate traffic to your webinars. Believe it or not, Twitter is one of the best places to pick up your traffic, and it’s easier than you may think.

  • First and foremost – you need to look like a real person, and not like an automated corporate account. Add an authentic picture of you. People want to see your face more than your logo!
  • Get involved in threads answering people’s questions, building rapport with them like a real human being.
  • Describe what you do. Use casual tone, because we don’t really identify with those who brag too much.
  • Uncheck ‘Protect My Updates’ as you want as many people as possible to see your posts.
  • Get followers by following as many people as you can. Generally, about 20% will follow you back.
  • Finally, tweet good content, not the links. You’ll be able to share the links to your webinars when you’ve built up your audience.
What else will you learn?

The title of this webinar training course includes the phrase ‘How to Create a Webinar,’ so we’ll definitely go through the technical aspects of using a webinar platform to set your webinars up.

  • I’ll introduce you to GoToWebinar platform, how you can schedule your webinars there, how to record a webinar and what recording settings to pay attention to, and more. You’ll get a clear understanding of how does a webinar work and how to set up a webinar.
  • You want feedback from your audience, and you want your students to come up with suggestions to help you improve, so in the last section, we’ll cover the option ‘Polls.’
  • I’ll also share tips to fuel your success, as well as a bit of advice about how to convert your members into buyers. You’ll want to learn how to increase revenue from your webinars, and I’ll share tips on that.

By learning how to create a webinar with me, you’ll get a solid base in webinar marketing to shift your mind a little bit, and to gain the tools that you need to share value and make money through webinars.

Your plan to make some money with webinars

To sum things up, having good content and knowing how to set up a webinar or how to record a webinar is not enough to generate high income, but being all-sales with your accounts on social is also a bad strategy. You need to learn the essential points of how to create a webinar and market it, and keep creating good content to share.

Enroll in this webinar training course to boost your understanding of how things work in less than an hour!

How to Create a Webinar That’ll Bring You Money?
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