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How to create a video and monetize it?

So many people want to know how to create a video and how to make money with video content. This course is precisely for learning to do that.
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You'll learn how to create videos without expensive software
You'll know how to create a catchy and informative thumbnail and video description
You'll find out other platforms apart from YouTube where you can earn more from videos

Since YouTube has made it quite challenging to earn money from making videos, I’m here to offer you other ways of how to make money with video. I’ll show you the best options out there that won’t have such high requirements as YouTube. You’ll learn how to create a video that you can share, how to monetize it, and how to have fun all the way through! Let’s learn some amazing stuff!

Why learn how to create a video and monetize it?

Those days when you could easily earn a lot of money from YouTube videos are gone in a sense that it’s not that easy anymore. Right now, you need hundreds of thousands of views to make a couple hundred dollars. Yes, the biggest channels that earn from those ads that annoy you while watching a video generate five-figure amounts, but they’ve worked hard to build their audience and have millions of previews on average. That’s tough to achieve for a beginner. Any alternatives? Luckily, yes.

Other video platforms such as Dtube, Dlive, or Topbuzz will offer much more flexible earning opportunities where you don’t need to be a successful influencer already at the beginning of the career to make money. Videos that you create and upload will generate income much faster compared to YouTube’s world. So, learn how to make a video first, and then check out what you need to know to monetize those videos. That’s what this course is all about.

What do you need to learn how to make money with video?

I will first make a proper introduction to how to make money video and follow it with the preparation section. These are the main topics that we’re going to cover in this course on how to create a video that makes money to you.

  • You’ll learn about the power of creative and planned video descriptions. For that, you’ll need to perform proper keyword research and think of a title that is both catchy and informative. I’ll share my experience in making that possible and driving traffic.
  • Video thumbnail is an even more important part of attracting people to view your videos. When you know how to create a video, your next step definitely has to be learning how to create an awesome video thumbnail, because it creates the first impression of your content. And you’ll never have the second chance to make an excellent first impression!
  • You’ll go through the processes of uploading your videos on Dtube, Dlive, and Topbuzz. You’ll learn how to make a video to earn you money on those sites, and we’ll discuss their advantages over the latest policy used by YouTube.
  • Lastly, you’ll learn how to create a video without expensive software or equipment. You’ll see how you can best exploit something that is really within your arm’s reach.
Start generating income immediately!

There’s something more I want to tell you. In this course, I’ll also show you how you can make money not only from the videos you create yourself but also by reusing other people’s videos. I’ll tell you how to do it without breaching other authors’ copyrights. Jump in! Let’s get started with learning and earning money right now!

How to create a video and monetize it?
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