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How to Create a Content Strategy: Tips for Marketing Newbies

Learn to build your own content marketing strategy and take your business to the next level!
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What content marketing is and what its six most important rules are
How to create a content strategy your business can benefit from
How to develop a content calendar and execution plan
What nine untold secrets of content marketing can guarantee success

There’s a variety of marketing tools you can use to attract the customers’ attention – however, it’s not enough to grow your business. To earn the loyalty of your clients and build a solid user base, you need to keep them engaged and interested. Your most reliable option is to offer valuable content that satisfies the needs of your customers and keeps them coming back.

In this content marketing course, Daniel Mandachi will explain how to create a content strategy that brings significant results and helps you achieve your professional goals. In less than an hour, you will hear all the content marketing tips you need to be able to plan and execute a smart content marketing strategy for your business!

Why do you need a content marketing strategy?

A study conducted by HubSpot reveals more than half of marketers believe creating blog content to be a top priority. TED, IBM, GoPro, SpaceX, and multiple other giants all around the world are doing it. They’re not wrong: a good content marketing strategy can get you three times as many leads as paid advertising.

The reason for that is the growing consciousness of the consumer. A lot of them either recognize and ignore paid ads or use ad-blocking software and never see them at all. Understanding how to create a content strategy can help your business in multiple ways:

  • You can improve brand awareness and add credibility to your image;
  • You can build loyalty with your existing clients and attract new ones;
  • You can educate your customers while also spreading the promotional message and increasing your sales.
How to create a content strategy that works?

Just like in most areas of marketing, planning is key for content. Never start creating content if you have no idea on how to create a content strategy! Without a clear direction outlined, your content will not have consistency, which is a must if you want to achieve your goals. Running in circles might seem fun, but it won’t help you reach your destination.

In this content marketing course, Daniel Mandachi will share all you need to know to be able to develop a strategy that lets you grow your business and build a loyal customer base. In nine informative lessons, you will find out:

  • How to create a content strategy framework;
  • How to define and approach your target customer;
  • What different content categories represent and how to use them;
  • What principles you should follow when creating content;
  • How to choose the smartest posting strategy, use a content calendar and plan;
  • What derivative content means and when it’s your best option;
  • How to optimize your content for social media and mobile devices.

The content marketing tips shared in the course will benefit any marketer, business owner, or simply someone interested in learning how to develop successful marketing strategies. Don’t waste any more time using tools that don’t work: enroll in the course now, dedicate some time to learning the secrets of the marketing industry, and take your business to the next level!

How to Create a Content Strategy: Tips for Marketing Newbies
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