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How to Code an Android App: Music Player Tutorial

Find out how to make a music app for Android in just a few hours!
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How Android Studio IDE works
How to code an Android app for playing music files
How to fix simple bugs in your app

People tend to use their mobile devices for browsing the Internet more and more every day. Why bother turning your computer on, when you have a powerful smartphone in your pocket with you all the time? Naturally, the demand for mobile development is on the rise as well. Each business aims to be mobile-friendly to accommodate its clients the best it can.

Making a smart choice

A lot of aspiring programmers are interested in learning to code for Android specifically. Why Android? It’s not a coincidence, of course: where there’s demand, there’s gotta be supply, as well. According to StatCounter global statistics, this mobile operating system actually takes up over three quarters of the market share. Hence, knowing how to code an Android app is a valuable skill: a project that’s accessible to over a billion users has a much higher chance of being noticed and becoming popular.

Why not try to learn Android app development with a simple step-by-step course right now? Watching this Android music player app tutorial and following the instructions, you will learn to write a basic music player application using Android Studio software. After you learn the fundamentals on how to code an Android app and get to know the IDE, you can start working on more ambitious projects – the world is your oyster, after all!

Get to know the software

If you have ever looked at how to code an Android app, you are probably already familiar with Android Studio. It is a simple integrated development environment (IDE) that you can use to write apps for Android devices. The software is free to download and use for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Just like Android itself, the IDE is created and maintained by developers at Google.

As you learn Android app development, it is crucial to understand how Android Studio works and what you can achieve with its variety of features. This IDE is used to write the majority of native Android apps. LinkedIn, EverNote, and a bunch of other world-famous apps are good examples of successful projects. It’s only natural that understanding how to code an Android app is a skill valued highly in the job market, too.

Find out how to make a music app for Android

In this Android music player app tutorial, we will use the Android Studio IDE to make a simple music player. We will start by setting the application permissions, then write the list view adapter and allow the user to add music files to the playlist. In five comprehensive lectures, I will show you how to make a music app for Android step by step.

To make the user experience more comfortable, we’ll provide a seek bar that shows the user’s playback progress and a pause feature. I will also explain the kinds of thread related bugs that you may encounter and explain how to deal with them. In just over two hours, you will learn how to code an Android app all by yourself!

How to Code an Android App: Music Player Tutorial
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