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How to Build an Effective Team: Learn from Project Aristotle

Find out all the secrets of building a team that works effectively and produces impressive results!
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What are the secrets of effective teams at Google
What are the five fundamental dynamics of effective teams
How was Project Aristotle developed
How to build an effective team

When looking at ways to make our company better, we usually look at the biggest and most successful players in the industry. Google is often chosen as a great example. Who but a company with seventy-eight offices in over fifty countries should understand how to build an effective team?

According to Statista, Google currently has over a hundred thousand employees worldwide. Needless the say, the absolute majority of them work in teams. Collaboration lets the company ensure they can make the best out of the individual strengths of professionals and be as productive as possible. However, there was a time when the very process of building a team was a mystery, even to HR specialists.

How to build an effective team? Take this short yet informative course and find out how Google solved this problem! Having worked as a professional career coach and trainer of executives and managers, I will help you understand all about what makes a perfect team and how the researchers at Google reached the right answer.

Google’s research on what makes perfect employees

To understand their employees better, Google constantly organizes internal research projects. First, there was the project Oxygen, in which the researchers were looking into the qualities that make a good manager. In the end, they had a list of eight traits, most important of them being a clear vision, technical skills, and the ability to empower a team without micromanaging.

Then, the spotlight moved to teamwork. After all, even the best manager is lost without their team! The name of the project Aristotle is based on a famous quote by Aristotle: “The whole is greater than the sum of parts.” In terms of industry, this means that a team of professionals can achieve more than each of them working on their own.

The goal of this project was to find out how to build an effective team and raise productivity in the workplace. In this course, I will explain the outcome of the project Aristotle in detail.

Who should be learning about building effective teams?

This course is an excellent source of material for freshly graduated and already experienced professionals in human resources (HR), team leaders, and managers. However, I am sure anyone who has the slightest interest in career development and team productivity will find the eleven lectures I have prepared instrumental and insightful.

Knowledge of how to build an effective team is handy for both employers looking to form the best teams and team members wishing to improve their performance. You will also learn about psychological safety in the workplace and gain confidence in both professional and personal life.

When the media conducts surveys and prepares the list of the most attractive employers, Google is usually at the very top. They must be doing something right, and building effective teams is one of the unique skills that make them stand out among millions of other companies.

After you’re done with this course, you will know how to build an effective team and be able to apply some of Google’s best tips and tricks yourself!

How to Build an Effective Team: Learn from Project Aristotle
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