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How to Build an App: Create Messenger App in 1 Day

Take this course on how to build an app and learn ExpressJS to create Messenger app
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How to create Messenger app
How to create app login with Facebook or Google
How to use Express JS
How to store and fetch data in the app
How to charge users who are using your app

Choose this course if you want to learn how to build an app: from design to deployment. The best part is, you don't even need to know any programming languages: I will show you precisely what you need to do to create Messenger app in which you can charge for messages. Each code line will be explained step by step.

What are we going to use?

This course on how to build an app will not only teach you how to create Messenger app but also how to use Express, NodeJS. You will learn to connect these programming languages to HTML, CSS, Bootstrap to create a web chat app. As you learn Express, you will learn frontend web development with jQuery, DOM manipulation.

To have a functional app, you need some database where the messages will be stored. This is why we will learn about MongoDB and how you can save or fetch data with it. Using MongoDB will also enable you to display the message dates. 

I will also show you how to use Passport and Stripe to give your app a few more functionalities.

As you can see, in this course, you do not only learn how to build an app but also get practical programming language skills. After this course, you will be able to not only put in your portfolio a functional app but also skills with NodeJS, Express, jQuery, MongoDB, Passport, Stripe, Bootstrap.

Course to keep on your toes

Becoming an app developer is no easy task: you need to know not only frontend but also backend development to ensure proper connection between users and the server. But it's also a useful skill, especially in today's tech environment.

You have probably noticed that this course is a bit longer than 9 hours. That's because I have a lot of lessons prepared for you to learn how to build an app properly. Just take a peek of what I'll be teaching:

  • How to create a server;
  • How to display web pages on the screen;
  • How to connect a server to the client-side and send data back and forth from the clients to the server;
  • How to select HTML elements based on ID and Class attributes to manipulate DOM;
  • How to create Messenger app that is responsive (we will use Bootstrap for that);
  • How to use passport-facebook and passport-google-oauth20 modules to ease user authentication;
  • How to use jQuery to make the chat app scrollable;
  • How to use Stripe to charge clients for their messages;
  • How to use Express to create Messenger app.

There is a lot of learning waiting for you: you will learn ExpressJS and much more after this one course. You can take this course apart and use only the pieces you need for your other projects. So with just one course, you gain various valuable skills that can help you later.

Building apps in today's world, with more and more desktop and mobile applications, is a profitable skill for any upcoming programmer. Why don't you make sure that your future will be bright by taking this course on how to build an app? Enroll today!

How to Build an App: Create Messenger App in 1 Day
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