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Learn Practically How to Build an Android App with Firebase

Learn about Firebase authentication and how to use Firebase for Android app development by building a real app
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How to build an Android app with Firebase
Firebase authentication
Working with Android Studio
Practical Android app development: making an office task management app

Knowing how to build an Android app can seem like a hidden art. You use them every day, but how do they work? What starts them? Well, if Android app development has been on your mind for a while, you're in luck. This course will teach you how to make an Android app by using Firebase. And it's going to be an app you can use every day for office task management.

The rise of apps

With a smartphone in everyone's pocket, it's no wonder that there are millions of apps today. A lot of them are similar, but there are still ways to improve, to tinker, to make them more custom to each user. That's why a lot of people get into learning how to build an Android app: they want an app, that would be completely personalized to their needs.

Depending on the smartphone you have, there could be iOS, Android, Microsoft, or custom apps. There are around 3 million Android apps in the Google Store and probably even more, which are not published. And today, you will learn how to make an Android app yourself!

Programming languages and platforms for making Android apps

The two main programming languages that are used for Android app development are Kotlin and Java. In today's course, we are going to focus on the latter. Java has a lot of open-source tools that can help programmers in their everyday tasks. So it's best if you have at least the basics of programming with Java before you start learning how to build an Android app.

We are also going to use Firebase for this course. Firebase is a platform which is very convenient for Android app development. Google acquired it in 2014, and even before then, it was used by many Android programmers. A few benefits that making an Firebase Android appoffers are:

  • It offers analytics and crash reports for the apps you are building;
  • Since Google trusts it, you know that it is a very well functioning platform;
  • It can be used even for vast applications.

And of course, you will need the Android Studio. It is the official application development environment built explicitly for Android operating system apps. You will learn how to use Firebase in Android Studio so it works like a charm.

A practical Android app development course

If you want to learn how to build an Android app practically, then this course is an excellent choice for you. Just look at what's waiting for you:

  • Working with Firebase authentication, registration, connection, queries;
  • Designing the app's layout: learn about how proper UI should look like;
  • Creating a custom toolbar;
  • Making a floating action button;
  • Adding model class;
  • Working with custom alerts and their dialogs;
  • Discovering Android RecyclerView;
  • Working with Android card view;
  • How to use Firebase in Android Studio;
  • Implementing updates for the app.

As you can see, we will not be dealing with a lot of theory in this course. You will see practically how Android app development and Firebase authentication works in the real world. In essence, you will make an office task management app, and you will be able to tinker it according to your everyday needs.

Sign up, choose this course, and learn how to build an Android app today!

Learn Practically How to Build an Android App with Firebase
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