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Learn How to Build a website from scratch with HTML5 and CSS3

Joe’s story on learning how to build a website from scratch: learn HTML5 and CSS3 to develop professional and beautiful websites with custom designs
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You'll will be able to build professional, beautiful websites using HTML 5 and CSS 3
You'll get the essentials of HTML5 and CSS3 for building websites and custom designs
You'll develop an understanding of the design pattern and workflow of any website

So there was a guy called Joe. He wanted to learn how to build a website from scratch. He read many blogs and books to learn web development, but he had no clue how to put everything together to make use of all that he’d learned. But he had a desire and passion for learning. And you know what? That was enough for him for starters! So, what’s Joe’s success story in learning web development?

What did Joe need to learn how to build a website from scratch?

It’s quite easy to give up and develop some fears when you read some incomplete tutorials, try to build your own website, and then see that you’re not getting anywhere close to what you’ve been planning. After some time, Joe felt like he needed a trustworthy guide to show the way. So he started looking for an online instructor with a face (instead of blog posts with screenshots) and a resume proving his successful experience in web development. He found Jazeb, an experienced web designer and developer with a great passion for teaching.

Joe made a deal with Jazeb, where he promised to put efforts and devote some time to learn web development. Jazeb obliged to guide the young man through the whole process with practical advice. He also promised to share only the best practices from his own career so that learning how to build a website from scratch would take the minimum amount of Joe’s time. It seemed like a fair deal to bring a new skillful web developer into life.

Taking Jazeb’s course, what exactly did Joe study?

With his course, Jazeb was targeting complete beginners who want to learn how to build a website from scratch that looks professional and beautiful. He also accepted students with some knowledge of HTML and CSS who were struggling to create a professional project. So his course material was planned accordingly and very thoughtfully.

  • Joe was amazed when he saw that the course he’d enrolled in had over 7 hours of content and more than 78 lectures! So what did this course include:
  • It started with HTML basics, increasingly moving towards more advanced concepts, so that Joe could learn HTML5 with confidence. He learned to add audio/video content from his computer to his projects and other important skills.
  • He learned tricks on HTML to move more swiftly, and Jazeb shared source codes for Joe to practice.
  • Then, it was time to jump into the area of CSS3 and learn to create a custom style for his websites.
  • Joe learned the secrets of styling, positioning, building attractive content transitions, etc., using the latest web technologies.
  • All the while, Jazeb was presenting practical code exercises so that Joe could use all the covered material in his practice and learn to create multiple projects instead of a single template.
What about you?

So, that was Joe’s story of finding a way how to build a website from scratch. He had to learn HTML5 and CSS3 essentials and do lots of practice with an experienced instructor’s guidance. It didn’t take long for Joe to become a skillful web developer, as he got a solid background to kickstart his career. Don’t be surprised with how simple Joe’s story was, because – well – it doesn’t have to be complicated at all. You only need a good instructor and an exciting course to start with! Follow Joe’s lead and develop excellent web development skills immediately!

Learn How to Build a website from scratch with HTML5 and CSS3
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