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How to be More Productive: Learn Techniques to Stay Productive

A detailed productivity improvement and time management course presenting proven tools and techniques to empower you to solve the pain of how to be more productive
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You'll increase your willpower for achieving personal and professional goals
You'll learn how to create new habits, step out from your comfort zone
You'll learn many practical time management strategies and productivity improvement techniques to increase your performance
You'll know how to avoid productivity pitfalls like multitasking, information overload, procrastination
And more!

Do you wonder how to be more productive in life and how to work more efficiently? Both, in your personal and professional life? I’ll tell you what: you might be lacking some productivity concepts, tools, or time management strategies, but after this time management course, the only thing which will be left to blame will be lack of action. Simple as that. So if you’ve been looking for time management techniques to boost your productivity, look no further. Time is the only thing that you can’t take back. Start working on how to stay productive right at this moment.

Does it take long to learn how to be more productive in life?

The only person who stands in the way between you and your goals is you. If you can’t focus on achieving a small personal goal, it shows to me that you probably won’t have the skill to achieve professional goals. And I’m not questioning your technical ability, or your education here – no. It’s about the ability to stay focussed and stay in action. And it’s a transferable skill.

The problem today is that we’ve got so much information on how to be more productive, there are time management courses all around us, so while we’re busy picking and choosing the time management techniques that work for us, we’re missing out on time for going from knowing to doing. It shouldn’t take long to get the necessary tools and strategies for how to stay productive. One course (or a book) is enough for most of us, and then you’re good to go and improve your life. But you have to be ready to get your hands dirty.

What’s this course all about?

I’m not saying that you’ll start making millions of dollars once you finish this course because it has nothing to do with me. But I will share the proven tools and techniques based on the teachings from Stephen Covey, Tony Schwartz, Charles Duhig, Kelly McGonical, or James Newman. Tools and time management strategies that have the potential to help you outgrow yourself. I don’t present just generic ideas, but the ones which are based on scientific research and years of study behind them so they have the real-life application.
So, how am I going to get you from knowing to doing?

  • We’ll start with the productivity of you discussing things like willpower, motivation, habits, decision making, and goal setting.
  • We’ll investigate the patterns of how you do everything. Pareto principle, Pomodoro technique will be explained here, and you’ll have a new perspective into the worst time management enemies – multitasking, information overload, and procrastination.
  • Once you’re done on a personal level, we’ll then shift our attention to how to be more productive at work with your team. You’ll get familiar with strategies that will make recruiting, managing your team, meetings more effective. Learn how to work more efficiently with me!
  • You’ll get your hands on different productivity tools that help to stay concentrated and to maximize your output.
  • Near the end of this time management and productivity course, we’ll inevitably have to talk about things which are not directly related to business, but they have a massive effect on your overall productivity and will help you learn how to stay productive. Things like exercising, nutrition, stress, sleep, and people surrounding you.

What’s my promise?

If you complete this course on how to be more productive in life and apply at least one technique from it, you’ll notice a significant improvement in that area of life. So, start using what you know and learn how to stay productive. Stop just thinking because thinking is passive. Get used to doing!

How to be More Productive: Learn Techniques to Stay Productive
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