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How to Be More Creative and Think Outside the Box

Creative problem solving made easy: get inspired, encouraged, and efficient!
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How to embrace creative problem solving
How to think outside the box
How to create a mind map

A few decades ago, every parent tried to talk their kids out of pursuing education in any creative field. The stereotype of a famished artist made them afraid their youngsters will never be able to make a real career and achieve anything significant in life.

However, in the XXI century, creativity is not reserved for artists only. Learning how to be more creative is beneficial to any career or lifestyle, as new ideas mean more than just new products or services. It can also be a fresh insight into the hiring process, a newly found purpose for an old tool, or a never-seen-before approach to marketing.

We must also add that practical results are not the only benefits of creative thinking. It has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, improve the ability to focus, and encourage persistence. In addition to that, a brain that gets constant exercise stays younger and sharper even as it reaches old age. Creative problem solving made easy: get inspired, encouraged, and efficient!

How can an online course teach me how to be more creative?

In this creative problem solving course, you will be guided by Shane Kluiter. Without being able to think outside the box, he would never be able to juggle his three careers of an entrepreneur, an investor, and a financing coach.

Having to work with other people in both his personal and professional life requires a ton of creative problem solving. Why? Because each partner and client comes with a unique personality and its own set of needs. This means there can never be a universal one-size-fits-all solution: you have to learn to think smart and adapt.

Having gone through each of the steps himself, Shane will be happy to teach you how to be more creative, come up with unique solutions, and apply them in real-life situations.

Why and how to create a mind map?

When looking at how to be more creative, you will surely come upon mind mapping. Being somewhat universal and easy to grasp, it is considered to be one of the best methods for boosting creativity. In this course, Shane will explain to you how to make a mind map that will help you to come up with new approaches and unique points of view.

There are a few key principles to understand when learning how to create a mind map. You start by putting the main idea in the center and then branch out from there. To group ideas, use color-coding and radial hierarchy. While the term of mind mapping was made popular by a British psychologist Tony Buzan, there’s sufficient proof the roots of this technique go as deep as the Roman Empire.

As you learn how to make a mind map, you will notice how easily problem structuring can lead to finding completely new approaches and unexpected associations. Helping you discover surprising relations, mind mapping is an excellent method to try when learning how to be more creative – and Shane is one of the greatest teachers around!

How to Be More Creative and Think Outside the Box
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