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How to Be a Good Salesman: Extensive Sales Skills Training

Learn how to be a good salesman: learn how to sell, how to negotiate in this sales skills training
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How to become a successful sales consultant
How the sales process works from start to finish
How to get the best deal from any negotiation or sales situation
How to negotiate or sell successfully

Everybody at some point in their life is a salesperson: you might be negotiating for a discount, trying to persuade your friend to go to a movie, or just trying to sell your old phone for a reasonable price. But only a few people take the extra step and try to learn how to be a good salesman and how to negotiate to get what you want. This is precisely what I'm going to try to achieve in this sales skills training: to turn you into a master salesperson.

Learn how to sell to increase your profits

You might think that the crucial part of the business is finding a niche and creating an exemplary product/service and profit will just come by itself. If that were so easy, there would be a lot more multi-million businesses. But the truth is a bit different: to bring profit to your company; you first have to learn how to be a good salesman. That's what this sales skills training is all about.

To learn how to sell, you not only have to learn what benefits your product/service has, but also:

  • Learn to control your emotions to maintain the high ground and earn the trust of your possible customers;
  • Know your competition so you could provide reasons why people should trust your brand;
  • Plan how you are going to sell to your customers: analyze data, customer relations management flow and implement a sales funnel;
  • Know how to deal with different people: a big part of learning how to be a good salesman is identifying the key people you should sell to so you would later have to do less and less legwork;
  • Create and perfect your pitch: people have only a little time, so if you want to learn how to sell, you have to learn to captivate their attention in less than a minute: we will be working on this not only with phone sales but also emails;
  • Befriend and listen to your customers: the people who are willing to pay you money have to feel like you are their good friend who can listen to their problems and offer the right solution (hint: that's the part where you sell your product/service).

Learning how to be a good salesman has to do a lot with human relationships and psychology. To learn how to sell, you will have to learn to read people and know how you can offer your product/service so that they would start thinking that it's an essential part of their life.

The crucial lesson in business: how to negotiate

Once you get your customers or business partners' interest, there comes a time when somebody wants to negotiate. By all means, you could also be the one who initiated the negotiation. No matter if you started the negotiation or were you drawn into it, you have to be the one who comes with the best deal to the other side.

Negotiation is a big part of learning how to be a good salesman and to master how to negotiate, we will learn:

  • The core principles of negotiation;
  • How to shift the weight of the negotiation, so you would get the better part of the deal;
  • How to assess each side's competency so you would know if they are good negotiators and which tactic you should use;
  • Different types of prices: market, anchor, walk away prices;
  • How to get the offer you want.

Of course, I've just listed a small part of what I'm going to teach you in this sales skills training. Want to know more about how to be a good salesman? Enroll!

How to Be a Good Salesman: Extensive Sales Skills Training
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