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Google Maps SEO Course: How to Add Business to Google Maps & More

Google search engine optimization + reputation management = the most powerful website traffic you'll ever receive! Learn how to add business to Google Maps!
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Learn to Register Your Business for Google Maps
Learn to Obtain 5-Star Reviews on Google
Learn to Persuade Users to Give You a Positive Review
Learn Google Maps SEO
Learn to Rank Higher in Google Maps

So, you’ve developed an amazing business, but can’t seem to manage a hefty amount of traffic? Perhaps you’ve tried looking for your company online, only to find that it’s nowhere to be found in the Google search list? It can be really frustrating, especially when you KNOW that you’ve taken all of the necessary steps to ensure that your company is great from all aspects of the word. But perhaps there’s something that you’ve missed? Chances are, that something is related to Google Maps. In this Google Maps SEO course, you will learn how to add business to Google Maps so that it would qualify for the Google business listing, how to get Google reviews that would boost the reputation of your business, and, of course, how to rank in Google Maps.

Why Learn How to Add Business to Google Maps?

You might be thinking - why is this important? Google business listings are such an outdated trend! Well, you would be very wrong to believe so. If you know how to add business to Google Maps (or if you’ve already done so) and how to rank in Google Maps, you are able to boost your product sales and brand awareness exponentially! The very first thing that a person will see when he or she googles your brand is going to be the Google Maps review page. And this means a lot - let me tell you why.

People are very easily persuaded by reviews. And I don’t even mean extensive, in-depth ones - I’m talking about the “5-or-1-star” reviews that you see when you look at the Google Maps page of a company. A first impression is very important (especially when talking about marketing), and the little yellow stars are usually the very first thing that catches an observer’s eye. If you know how to add business to Google Maps, claim business on Google, a bit about Google Maps SEO, positive reviews will help your company in managing and maintaining a reputation of a trustworthy and reputable business. On the flip side, negative reviews are almost sure to sway potential customers away from your brand - you might come off as a scammy, lying company owner.

Learn to Manage Your Reputation

In this Google Maps SEO course, you will learn about how to rank in Google Maps. The information provided is segmented into easy-to-follow, understandable parts - you don’t need to worry about encountering a steep learning curve. Furthermore, you don’t even need to provide your address - if you have a P.O. box registered in your company’s name, that will work. The tutorial will provide you with information which you will actually be able to apply in your business practices - no empty promises or unfulfilled statements.

Whether you’re a small business owner or a huge company - you need to learn how to add business to Google Maps. As reviews are vital for a company’s success, you will also learn how to claim business on Google and, in turn, the best methods for how to get Google reviews. This will later help you when searching for how to rank in Google Maps. This Google Maps SEO course is applicable for anyone that wants to increase their traffic via Google - all you need is a computer with an internet connection.

Google Maps SEO Course: How to Add Business to Google Maps & More
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