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Hotel Reception and Reservation Assistant Skills

Hotel Reception and Reservation Assistant Skills
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How to Build Rapport with Customers

In your job role as a Hotel Reception & Reservation Assistant, you will be required to speak to and address different customers.

The norms of speaking to a customer are slightly different from when one is speaking to a friend or a colleague.

Effectively engaging your customer is dependent on your ability to sound interesting and convey a positive attitude.

Developing good speaking skills involves an increased awareness of your voice, language, body language, and tone while speaking.

Your primary tool for communication while speaking is your voice. When speaking to a customer, think about projection, pace and modulation.
oProjection: The volume of your voice should be loud enough that the customer can hear you but not too loud to sound rude nor too soft such that the customer cannot hear you. If customer asks you to repeat many times, then adjust your volume accordingly.

Develop eye contact with your customer.
Use gestures to emphasize points and keep your customer's attention.
Stand straight to keep your customer's attention.
Shake head to keep show you are listening and paying attention to the customer’s words.
Be conscious of your posture throughout the conversation.
Smile! It engages your customer and makes you more approachable if the customer has any questions.

Use your tone to convey an infectious enthusiasm for the conversation that you are having with the customer.Be positive and upbeat and don't focus on negatives or difficulties.
Incorporate politeness and humility into your conversation.

Avoid using hospitality industry-specific jargons and terms, explain the services in simple terms.
Use questions to understand the customer’s needs and to make sure he is understanding you.

Pace: Make sure you are not going so fast that the customer cannot keep up, or so slow that the customer gets bored and stops paying attention. You can also use strategic pauses, such as pausing just before an important point in order to emphasize it.
Modulation: Varying your inflection and volume will keep your customer’s attention, whether your natural speaking voice is high or low, loud or soft.

Hotel Reception and Reservation Assistant Skills
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