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Hands-On SolidWorks

Design and deliver powerful Designs with SolidWorks
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How to sketch 2D drawings and create a fully constrained picture
Gain the understanding to create sketch-based features and apply a combination of modifying techniques (extrude, revolve, sweep, loft)
Learn to modify 3D bodies using modifying tools (fillete, chamfer, shell, and rob)
Create pattern and mirror features, bodies and geometries, and add geometric references (planes and axis)
Construct fully-defined assemblies and non-fully defined assemblies (mechanisms)
Perform detailed shop drawings for fabrication
Get to know the workings of the Stirling Engine by using its prototype

SolidWorks is a solution for any business or professional looking to integrate design and manufacturing processes with photorealistic visuals of projects and collaborative features with this 3D experience platform.

If you want to take your product design to the next level, SolidWorks can help you succeed.

This course covers the full range of features in SolidWorks, and will help you gain the skills to draw and model any simple or complex mechanical shape or assembly - and ultimately design better products. Throughout the course, we will utilize a variety of real-world examples to support your learning and inspire you for your own projects.

By the end of the course, you will have the skills and confidence to start designing your own 3D models and assemblies.

Note: The course uses SolidWorks versions 2019 and 2020. However the course content independent of version used.

About the Author

Mohammed-al-Zgoul is a professional CAD engineer with extensive experience in solid modeling, surface modeling, and finite element analysis. He has extensive experience working in the plastic molding industry, which utilized CAD ubiquitously in product and mold design applications.

More recently, he applied his skills to the steel fabrication industry, using CAD systems to create 3D models such as storage water tanks, piping systems, and pump base plates.

He has worked as a college lecturer on the use of CAD in engineering contexts. Is an active YouTuber and blogger, and passionate about teaching and sharing his knowledge globally. He is a SolidWorks Associate, advanced Weldment professional, and holds associate-status certification in Additive Manufacturing.

Hands-On SolidWorks
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