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Grievance, Discipline & Dismissal

Grievance, Discipline & Dismissal
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What is Discipline & Grievance Management
Disciplinary & Grievance Management Process
Challenges of Discipline & Grievance Management
Importance of Discipline in an Organization
What is meant by Grievance Redressal

Discipline & Grievance Management refers to the way a corporation is governed with respect to discipline and grievances.
It is the technique by which companies are directed and managed to drive discipline.
It is actually conducted by the Discipline & Grievance Management team and the concerned committees for the company’s and stakeholder’s benefit.
It is all about balancing organizational, individual and disciplinary goals.
Discipline & Grievance Management is basically a detailed disclosure of information and an account of an organization’s disciplinary and grievance situation and commitment to business ethics and values.
Discipline & Grievance Management deals with determining ways to take effective strategic decisions.
It gives ultimate authority and complete responsibility to the Discipline & Grievance Management to take disciplinary actions after consultation with management.
Discipline & Grievance Management is essential for efficiency as well as globalization of an organization.
Discipline & Grievance Management ensures transparency which ensures strong and balanced moral development.
It ensures that the interests of all shareholders (majority as well as minority shareholders) are safeguarded.
It ensures that all employees fully exercise their rights and that the organization fully recognizes their rights.
Discipline & Grievance Management has a broad scope which includes both social and institutional aspects.
Discipline & Grievance Management encourages a trustworthy, moral, as well as ethical environment.  Business should be carried out on a clearly disciplined and ethical basis.  A proper stakeholder decision making model  should be used to reach appropriate goals.  The structure of the organization should promote good discipline and grievance management. An efficient and effective strategy process should be implemented which incorporates stakeholder value. Transparency and accountability should be propagated through a properly structured reporting system. Another important consideration is the choice of going after the policy weaknesses or the people, who have been involved in the misconduct.

A rather fair and objective view of this issue, is that if the organization has a proper system of safeguards and checks in systems and processes and if the misconduct profits just one person, in this case even the corporate becomes a victim. 

Grievance, Discipline & Dismissal
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