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Google Tag Manager Tutorial: Learn Digital Analytics

Google Tag Manager Mastery with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel
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How to use Google Tag Manager
How to implement Google Analytics tags with Google Tag Manager

This Google Tag Manager tutorial will cover all you need to start using Google Tag Manager like a true master. Step by step, you will learn various features of this excellent tag management system, and by the end of the Google Tag Manager training, you will know how to implement various tags with confidence.

You don't know anything about Google Tag Manager or data layers? You don't even know what is Google Tag Manager and what it does? Good.

Well, not good - but that's why you are here, aren't you? You will go from zero knowledge about Google Tag Manager to its full mastery. You won't find such a perfect starting point in any of the other data analytics courses as you will in this Google Tag Manager training

What Will You Learn

This Google analytics course will teach you the following:

  • The fundamentals of a tag manager (applicable to any tag management system)
  • How to sign up for Google Tag Manager
  • The details of the Google Tag Manager interface
  • Setting up Google Tag Manager for Google Analytics and tracking page views
  • Setting up external link tracking as events in Google Analytics with Google Tag Manager
  • Setting up Button click tracking via Google Analytics
  • How to track JavaScript errors with Google Tag Manager
  • How to deploy Google Tag Manager in WordPress
  • Understanding and use of Data Layer in Google Tag Manager
  • How to push dynamic values and custom events in Data Layer
  • How to implement Facebook Conversion and Re-target Pixel to get higher conversions
  • How Facebook event tracking works and how to track specific actions on your website and create a targeted list based on these actions
  • How to measure page scroll depth - you will see how users scroll on long and wide pages
  • How to track whether users look at particular elements such as images, sections, banner, et cetera on the page
  • How to track user engagement with YouTube videos that are embedded on your page

And best of all, if you get stuck on a topic in this Google Tag Manager data layer tutorial - you can contact me directly, and we will sort it all out! And if you want some topics to be covered in more depth, don't hesitate to ask. We'll update this Google Tag Manager tutorial together!

What You Need to Know

Though this Google Tag Manager data layer tutorial is for beginners, you have to know some digital analytics to appreciate it fully.

A basic understanding of JavaScript and HTML will significantly help when you use advanced tracking with Google Tag Manager.

So basically, you need basics. Basic digital marketing. Basic web analytics. Basic Google analytics. And then you'll be ready to start!

Who Will Be Your Instructor?

I have over 15 years of experience in digital marketing and analytics. I have trained professionals from all kinds of backgrounds and have made them into amazing digital marketers and analysts. That's how I know how to create great data analytics courses.

I have a great understanding of both the tech and the marketing side of the business. I have worked with many analytics technologies before Google Tag Manager was created and so I know the inner working of digital analytics.

To put it short, I have a great appreciation of what is Google Tag Manager and what you can do with it.

And in this Google Tag Manager tutorial, I want to share this appreciation with you.

Google Tag Manager Tutorial: Learn Digital Analytics
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