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A Course on the Google Company Culture: Find out the Skills and Traits of Excellent Managers

Learn the attributes and skills that good managers have and how their position is vital to their teams’ productivity and happiness
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The evolution of Google's manager research from 2009 to 2018
Eight and Ten Oxygen behaviors of Google's best managers
Google's techniques for training managers
The main ideas and concepts of the Google's culture

Managers are one of the key elements in a company. They are usually responsible for the performance and productivity of a group of people in an organization. Google Company culture uses a variety of techniques to improve managers’ skills. 

However, since Google frequently tries to break the conventional expectations and rules, they have a unique corporate culture, consisting of various traditions, customs, and behaviorisms that dominate in the office. In this course, we will take a look at the Google management style and the useful insights that you might take from their corporate culture. 

How can we define the Google company culture? 

There are several values that the Google management style emphasizes. First of all, the company values openness and honesty, meaning that employees are encouraged to share information that might contribute to the innovation Google strives for. Therefore, it is no surprise that another value of Google is innovation. It means that employees are constantly motivated to share their ideas, no matter how unconventional they might be.

The Google company culture also stresses out the hands-on approach, meaning that employees learn during their involvement in various projects and tasks. The last value focuses on small-company-family rapport. This idea refers to the fact that Google aims to build a warm and comfortable environment for its employees and encourages them to participate in friendly social relations. 

Are managers important to companies? 

There are various reasons why people choose to quit their job. They might not agree with the mission of the company, might not like their colleagues, or might feel pressure and negativity from their boss or manager. Google company culture then turned to managers: what skills and traits do good leaders possess? What would happen if all managers were that good? 

What will you find in this course? 

At first, Google aimed to create a manager-free company. However, this scenario unraveled as a mistake, and the Google management style shifted towards improving human-resources functions. Furthermore, Google started using a data-driven approach to generate the secret formula for effective management. 

The research in 2009 aimed to prove that managers are not vital to companies, and that they do not influence the teams’ performances. For their study, Google focused on manager performance ratings and manager feedback from Google’s annual employee survey. The results actually proved the opposite: managers did matter, and teams with excellent managers were happier and more efficient. 

This research left some questions unanswered: how should Google manager training go if the company wants to have great leaders? To find this out, Google statisticians gathered more than ten thousand observations about managers. 

This research in 2009 and the update in 2018 are going to be explained in this course, together with the Eight Oxygen behaviors that are common for great managers. I will also explain the Google manager training in terms of the GROW model, Rush! approach and various other tips for molding managers that will motivate their teams. Learn more about the Google company culture and incorporate some of the techniques into your company management!

A Course on the Google Company Culture: Find out the Skills and Traits of Excellent Managers
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