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Gmail Tutorial: Start Using Available Features to Your Advantage

Discover useful Gmail hacks that will make you more efficient and confident when writing emails
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How to manage and organize your Gmail inbox
How to configure automatic rules in Gmail
How to use Gmail contacts
How to use Google tasks
How to secure your Google account

Gmail is a popular email service available in more than 100 languages. Over the years, Google made many changes to this emailing platform, with new updates for security and improvements on overall functionality. This Gmail tutorial aims to introduce you to the principles of using Gmail: organizing your inbox, backups of your emails, securing, and recovering your Google account. All the Gmail basics you might need! 

Besides making the use of Gmail less confusing, I will also reveal some excellent Gmail hacks that you can start using today. For instance, if you are using Outlook, you might be wondering whether Gmail can replicate a similar interface of having the email list on the left side, and the email preview on the right side. 

Tricks for improving how you use Gmail

One of the interesting Gmail hacks is the confidential mode. When you compose letters, you can easily select this mode. But what will it do? 

In this Gmail tutorial, you will learn how to prevent the recipients from downloading, copying, and forwarding your email. Additionally, remember those self-destruct letters that are popular in action films? Through the confidential mode, you can set an expiration date for your email. It means that when the time comes, the email will be deleted from the recipients’ inboxes. 

Furthermore, let’s say you are writing a report for your boss daily or weekly. You usually send it through Gmail, and the letter usually looks somewhat the same. One of the tricks on how to use Gmail includes the creation of templates. You can save a specific message as a template and use it in the future as much as you need. 

Have you ever sent an email telling the recipient to check the attachment, but without any attachments? That uncomfortable moment when you realize you forgot to attach the file often leads to a second email. In this Gmail tutorial, I will show you how to use Gmail to set a reminder to add files. No more embarrassing moments for you! 

What will you find in this course? 

Even though you might think that you know everything about this email service, I am sure that this Gmail tutorial will reveal the opposite. Gmail has many features that are only available through specific settings, and even long-term users might not be aware of them. First, we will discuss Gmail basics for people that have never used Gmail. 

The rest of the Gmail tutorial is designed to make this service easier to use. By combining all the tips that I am going to mention, you will be able to compose letters more efficiently, avoid uncomfortable situations, and make sure that your emails are protected from unauthorized access. Additionally, I will show you how to schedule, translate, or mute emails, how to install add-ons, create filters, and so much more! Experiment with settings to find the most efficient way of using Gmail for your personal or business letters!

Gmail Tutorial: Start Using Available Features to Your Advantage
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