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Git Tutorial for Beginners: Master Version Control

Learn the basic Git commands and make collaboration simple. Using Git command line can be easier than you think!
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What the key concepts of the Git source control system are
What the necessary steps of the Git workflow are
How to use the basic Git commands
How to manage files, create branches, and resolve merge conflicts
How to compare different states

It doesn't matter what kind of developer you are or what type of company you are working for exactly – it's more than likely you work in a team, and collaboration is one of the most common elements of your day. Coordinating your team's work and delivering high-quality solutions can be a daunting task – but only if you're not familiar with version control systems.

This Git tutorial for beginners is a great way to understand the basic principles of these programs and get familiar with the most popular and widely-used one – Git. In less than three hours, you will find out all the secrets on branching and merging, using Git command line, and making sure your code is secure, easy to collaborate on, and completely bug-free.

All the Basic Git Commands Made Simple

Even if you don't work in a professional development environment just yet, it's worth taking a good look at a Git tutorial for beginners. Why? Because even as a freelancer or an aspiring coder, you can still collaborate with others and contribute to various open-source projects. This is where Git steps in: with multiple people working on the same code, a version control system helps tame the chaos and makes it easier to track and handle bugs. 

In the first section of this course, you will learn about using version control systems and understand how you and your team can benefit from it. You will also be guided through the essential first Git steps, including downloading, installing, and the setup. Then, our Git tutorial for beginners will explain using the basic Git commands and operations and introduce you to the program's graphical user interface.

You will get to know what branches and merges are and how to use them for version control. These are the most fundamental terms in Git, and the instructor will dedicate enough time and care to making sure you understand every part of the process. You will also get to know how using Git command line works – no more doubting yourself and feeling helpless!

The Best Git Tutorial for Beginners Online

If you haven't worked with version control systems before, there's no need to worry: this course is created and presented by Maksym Rudnyi – a professional programmer with over eight years of professional experience with both front-end and back-end web development. He is constantly using Git in his daily work, so he knows it like the back of his hand – and he's eager to share his expertise with you.

The truth is, as a standalone coder, you can only do so much. We all have limited time and capabilities, so huge projects are almost exclusively built by teams of professionals – and a reliable version control system is an absolute must for digital teamwork. The better we all learn to collaborate, the more impressive products we can come up with as programmers. Take this Git tutorial for beginners and join the ever-growing crowd of developers who are effectively changing the future of the world!

Git Tutorial for Beginners: Master Version Control
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