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工程地质学 | Geology and Engineering Geology

Learn the basics of geology and geological engineering as we explore ways to both protect and properly utilize the earth’s resources today and in the future. 地球是人类的家园,人类文明发展与利用和改造地球密不可分。课程将介绍地质学基本知识及工程地质分析原理和方法,从而在工程建设中更好地利用和保护地球!
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The earth is our home. The development of human civilization as we know it goes hand in hand with how we have used and continue to reshape the planet. This course will introduce the basic knowledge of geology and methods of engineering geology to help people protect and utilize our earth more effectively. This geology course consists of two sections: basic geology and engineering geology. The basic geology section includes: formation and evolution of the earth, common rocks and minerals, internal and external dynamic geological process, geological ages, geological structures, geological maps and other basic knowledge of the earth’s geology. The engineering geology section includes engineering geological natures of groundwater, rock and soil, stability analysis of slope, surrounding rock of underground cavern and rock foundation, geological analysis of reservoir project and some field investigation methods and techniques etc. Geology and Geological Engineering are two of the most important basic subjects that underpin engineering specialties, such as hydraulic engineering, geotechnical engineering and geological engineering. Engineering professionals will find this course particularly interesting and useful, but anyone with an interest in learning how to protect and continue to reshape our planet is welcome to enroll! 地质学与工程地质是水利工程、岩土工程、地质工程等工程类专业重要的一门专业基础课。清华大学《地质学与工程地质》主要内容包括:地质学基础和工程地质学两大部分。其中:地质学基础部分包括地球的形成与演化、常见岩石与矿物、内外动力地质作用、地质年代、地质图、地质构造等,为学生提供了扎实的地质基础知识,同时也可为地质爱好者提供地质专业基础知识;工程地质学部分包括地下水、岩土体的工程地质性质及一些专门工程地质问题分析原理与方法等,为学生提供扎实的工程地质基础与丰富的应用。 我们有信心:你能领悟地质学的魅力!
工程地质学 | Geology and Engineering Geology
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