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General Academic English|生活英语进阶

Do you want to join in academic communication on international conferences and read academic papers? Join us on a journey in academic English!
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It is an essential ability for academic researchers to master the academic skills and join in academic communications. This course encourages you to read, write and share your ideas while studying English for academic purposes. The course is divided into 8 research topics, involving life sciences, art, society, engineering, psychology, economics, management, and architecture. In this course, there are: academic words and analysis of texts learning strategies seminars on academic reading and writing mini-conferences on academic topics simulation of academic reports techniques for academic writing This course will help you improve the academic English skills. Besides, with students from different disciplines sharing their insights on the research, we hope to get you prepared to join in seminars and mini-conferences. Come and join us on this journey of academic English!
General Academic English|生活英语进阶
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