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Gateway to Medicine: An Introduction to the Field of Medicine|走近医学

The field of medicine combines science, art, wisdom and philosophy in service of humanity. Join us. A whole new world is here. Explore the mysteries of health and disease. 医学是集科学、哲学和人文于一体的艺术学科。打开本课,您将领略到一个全新的世界,我们将带您去揭开人类疾病与健康的奥秘。
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Medical science has its origins in Middle Eastern religion. Since its inception, the field of medicine continues to be a fascinating and mysterious world full of breakthroughs and advancements that benefit humankind. With the growing desire for health and longevity, innovation and technical achievements continue to drive the field of medicine. Entering Gateway to Medicine, initiates to the medical field will be led into this new world. Participants will receive a basic background on the influence of the macro-environment on health, and the micro-molecular principles of diseases. Regardless of medical experience, students will gain a broad perspective of the medical field, illuminated by the expertise of researchers and medical professionals. 医学,从诞生之日起,就因为浓郁的宗教背景而被蒙上了一层神秘的色彩。但是,人们对医学的探究却从未因此而停止。怀着对健康的渴望以及对永生的向往,人类把一切的聪明才智和科技成果都运用到了医学领域。 当你用鼠标点开《走进医学》这门课程,我们将带你进入一个全新的世界,他是那样的广袤无垠,却又妙到豪巅。我们的课程将带你探寻从宏观的环境与健康的关系,到微观的疾病发生的分子学原理。如果你是一名有一定医学教育背景的医学生,或者是一名对医学感兴趣的大学生,那么欢迎你进入到我们的课堂。我们的老师既有从事医学基础研究的教授,也有战斗在临床一线的专家,我们将以独特的视角向您展示疾病的发生、发展以及人类与疾病斗智斗勇的抗争过程。
Gateway to Medicine: An Introduction to the Field of Medicine|走近医学
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