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Fundamentals & Advanced Analysis of Real Estate Investments

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The author is named Dr. Bond, Ph.D. - he is the head of data science and engineering for Cybecho Corporation, he has a dual bachelor's degree in business and general information technology; where Dr.Bond graduated with a 3.97 GPA and was issued honorary title: summa-cum-laude. Dr.Bond also earned a doctorate degree in cyber and information security. The course is in English but can be taken in other languages such as in English, Spanish and Portuguese. if your language is not listed please reach out to Dr.Bond and he will create a transcript specifically for your language. Anybody can take this course and will learn real estate investing from beginner level to advanced level.  Through the course the student will learn what an Investment Analysis is and how to use it when acquiring an investment property. The fix and flip methodology and what to do and what not to do when selling properties. You will learn the renting methodology of real estate and how to utilize it at all times to maximize profits. The course will discuss REITs, Time, Money, Risk, & Reward.  The Investment Process and where to start- along with the Real Estate Cycle Methodology and when to end the life of the investment to maximize profits. We will discuss the Comparing of Investment Returns with formulas and calculators, you will also obtain free calculators.  We will get into the Types of Debt & Credit Scores that exist and how to improve your business and personal credit, along with maintaining it. The Doctor was also a home inspector over a decade ago and he will discuss how to target the conditional issues of a property- the same way inspectors do.  We'll breakdown the Waterfall Methodology and teach the student how to tax-defer real estate investments for the rest of their life. Many people have become millionaires in a few years by properly investing in real estate, it is your turn now to. 

Fundamentals & Advanced Analysis of Real Estate Investments
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