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Python Flask Tutorial For Beginners: Build Stunning Websites from Scratch

Flask tutorial where you’ll learn not only the basics of Python web development but also how to build web applications
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You'll be able to code in Python and HTML/CSS for Flask
You'll learn to build websites
You'll understand how to build forms with Flask database
You'll know how to build, deploy, and scale web applications with DigitalOcean

Enjoy the simplicity and flexibility of Flask microframework, get into learning opportunities that this Flask tutorial will provide to you, and improve your Python web development skills altogether! And it’s not just Python/Flask tutorial, as you’ll also work with HTML and CSS for Flask, you’ll learn about hosting with DigitalOcean, plus much more skills that you’ll benefit from the big time.

What are the main benefits of Flask, and why do you need a Flask tutorial for beginners?

Flask is a third-party Python library used for web application development. It is one of the most popular Python frameworks and is highly valued among web developers working with Python. Many websites, e.g., Pinterest and LinkedIn, are using Flask for their inner workings. This tutorial will demonstrate the simplicity and flexibility of Flask – the two most valued characteristics of this framework. This means that using Flask is very intuitive, and it’s easy to follow the connections between pieces and their functionalities. Also, fine-grained Flask control won’t cause much of a problem in the process of Python web development.

Developers value Flask’s lightweight design, which allows easy transformation to the web framework you need just adding a few extensions, and you won’t weigh it down. In this Flask tutorial for beginners, you’ll also see the comprehensive Flask documentation which is well structured and full of examples. It won’t take long before you can handle Flask as a useful tool in this Python/Flask tutorial for beginners.

What will you learn?

As you’ve noticed, this course is inevitably a Flask/Python tutorial rather than just Flask tutorial for beginners, because you’ll also cover the Python language basics.

  • You’ll find almost 2 hours of content on the basics of Python web development before you even set up Flask on your machine. You’ll be guided step by step through the installation and setup.
  • Once you’re all set up, you’ll head into learning the basic Flask HTML & CSS.
  • In the next part, you’ll learn to create a basic database and code a few necessary functions for it. You’ll also practice adding sign-up/login functions in your page.
  • We thought you’d also want to make your websites more appealing, so there’ll also be a study phase where you’ll learn about the materials to do just that.
  • In the last part, you’ll learn what you need to know about hosting with DigitalOcean to make your infrastructure management easy. Related to that, you’ll learn to deal with the NGINX server, too.

We made it possible to learn the content of this Flask/Python tutorial, even for those having no experience. You’ll be able to practice all lessons on both Windows and Mac machines. After completing this course, you'll get a clear understanding of how to make a Flask app and how to make a website using Flask.

Create websites from scratch with Flask

Get all the tools you need to build stunning websites from scratch in this Flask tutorial for beginners, learning everything from the basics to functions, HTML & CSS, databases, hosting and servers. Learn one of the most popular frameworks of Python, and use the skills to kickstart your career in web development.

Python Flask Tutorial For Beginners: Build Stunning Websites from Scratch
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