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Firebase Firestore Tutorial: Create an iOS App From Scratch

Learn Everything About Firebase Firestore, a NoSQL Document-based Technology
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Add, edit and delete data from a Firestore database
Add Firestore security features to protect your database and restrict access to authorized users only
Implement powerful login capabilities into your apps using Firebase Authentication
By the end of this course you will know advanced skill with Firestore and how to integrate it into your apps

Choose this Firebase Firestore tutorial if you want to learn how to create an iOS app while using the NoSQL document-based technology from Google. Now, this might sound like a lot of complicated terms at first, but stay calm: this Firebase iOS tutorial is presented in a step-by-step manner so you will have no trouble following it while you create your app and learn about Firestore.

Who is this Cloud Firestore tutorial for?

Firebase tutorial, or to be more exact Firebase cloud Firestore tutorial, is recommended to people who are into iOS app development. I also recommend that you would know the basics of how to create an iOS app as you will mostly learn about Firebase Firestore as we are creating a simple opinion sharing app in this course. In essence, I recommend this Firebase Firestore tutorial for:

  • Starting out mobile developers who want to try themselves in building more advanced iOS apps;
  • IT students who are thinking of going into mobile development;
  • Developers who have already created some iPhone apps using a different method.

Of course, you can try this Firebase iOS tutorial even if you are not from these areas. But we still recommend having at least the basics of iOS app development before starting this Firebase tutorial.

Firebase Firestore tutorial – comfortable and practical

You might be wondering: what is Firestore? Like I’ve mentioned before, it is the NoSQL document-based technology. That means you don’t have to spend a lot of time learning SQL to work with databases. That is excellent, as it means you can spend more time creating your app instead of trying to solve database puzzles.

Firestore belongs to Firebase, and it differs as it is a newer database. To better understand it, you can compare it to Firebase Realtime Database: 

  • Firebase Cloud Firestore database has a more intuitive data model;
  • Projects can be scaled faster than with Realtime Database;
  • Offers support to web clients as well as to iOS and Android clients;
  • You can also have advanced write and transaction operations.

In the tech world, more than in other industries, it’s essential to continually keep up-to-date with new developments that could allow for better practice for the developer and better apps for the user. It is not merely sufficient to stick with old alternatives to Firestore. Firebase themselves recommend this solution for starting developers as it offers a more simplistic and feature-rich approach than their Realtime Database.

So what lessons are waiting for you in this Firebase Firestore tutorial?

  • You will learn how to edit data in the Firebase Cloud Firestore database;
  • I’ll show you how to use Firebase Firestore Authentication so you will know how to implement login systems in the apps;
  • As you create an iOS app, you will also learn about Firestore security: you have to protect your database after all.

This full Firebase iOS tutorial will help you integrate Firestore into your app development future, and you will have the basics already laid out for you.

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Firebase Cloud Firestore tutorial offers a relatively new solution that offers a lot of flexibility to new developers. And by enrolling and carefully following this Firebase Firestore tutorial, you can be a part of this future too.


Firebase Firestore Tutorial: Create an iOS App From Scratch
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