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Turn Traditional Financial Spreadsheets into Interactive Dashboards in Excel!

Learn how to build financial dashboards in Excel and present extensive data on a single page!
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How to create the dashboard layout
How to add and format text boxes in the dashboard
How to insert formulas in the text boxes to extract numerical values
How to create drop-down lists in the dashboard
How to add key performance indicators in the dashboard

Let’s face it: financial data can get boring. Why not display it in a way that everyone can easily recognize trends, comparisons, and other performance indicators? After all, nobody likes looking at bare numbers on Excel, and financial spreadsheets might do the trick of keeping people intrigued with your presentation. However, to give yourself the extra edge, you might consider learning the creation process for financial dashboards in Excel. 

Excel is a necessity for every financial analyst who wishes to present often complex financial statistics. Of course, you can also use financial spreadsheets to manage personal budgets. However, with this course on financial dashboards in Excel, you will learn the art of presenting insights into your business financial performance. Creating an interactive dashboard for financial statistics can be the answer to keeping your presentations to-the-point. 

Financial dashboards in Excel: what are they?

In this course on financial spreadsheets, we will be taking some data, and using it to create interactive dashboards. By definition, a dashboard refers to a management tool that helps businesses and organizations handle various financial matters, from tracking expenses to guaranteeing the best cash management. The financial KPI dashboard illustrates the effectiveness of business strategies (generated revenue and profit). 

Additionally, you can choose to get Excel financial templates from reliable sources on the internet. However, it is much more effective to perform the process manually so you could add or readjust the structure of your financial KPI dashboard. With Excel, data visualization becomes very easy, especially if you know several tricks to turn raw data into eye-catching presentations!

Benefits of dashboards in Excel

Interactive dashboards are excellent choices for management reporting. While they are prevalent in financial reports, their use can be extended to other areas. For instance, marketing specialists can create dashboards to illustrate the effectiveness of their marketing strategies and correlations to sales. 

Long story short, dashboards in Excel can help you present extensive data on a single page. Managers can easily compare facts and recognize the areas that require immediate attention from their teams. Another perk is that interactive dashboards are eco-friendly. No need to provide paper copies to your colleagues. Simply send them links to your report for convenient viewing!

What will you find in this course?

The first step of this course is to take a traditional financial spreadsheet that the majority of people know how to use. It is the source that will be used to create the dashboard. Of course, it might seem a little bit dull, even though it is relatively easy to follow and understand. To make the financial stats pop, we will create two full-fledged financial dashboards. 

This course is the source that you can use to build two Excel financial templates. In the future, you can follow my guidelines and create interactive dashboards for different financial spreadsheets. However, before you can experiment, you should learn the principles of dashboards. For instance, I will show you how to create key performance indicators, add drop-down lists, extract numerical values in the text boxes, add line charts, and so much more!

Turn Traditional Financial Spreadsheets into Interactive Dashboards in Excel!
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