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Learn Financial Ratio Analysis in Excel

Templates Included! - Learn how to analyze financial ratios in Excel and apply these analytics to ANY company's financial statements
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Learn All About the Essential Financial Ratios
Learn to Apply Ratios to Various Financial Statements
Learn to Adequately Discuss Financial Statements
Learn to Compare Companies
Learn to Analyse Financial Ratios in Excel

Financial analysis can be a tough topic to get into - there are a lot of different skills that you must possess to be able to study and perform these analyses adequately. To a lot of people, financial ratio analysis in Excel seems like a tedious and boring topic that takes up a lot of time and is way more difficult than it should be. However, it doesn’t have to be that way! Once you learn the methodology behind analyzing financial ratios in Excel, you will become both proficient and fast with the topic of financial statement analysis. And this course will teach you all about it.

What’s the Deal With Financial Ratio Analysis in Excel?

To an untrained eye, this analysis might seem like yet another generic task that accountants and financial analysts perform. However, you and I both know that the actual situation is quite different - Excel financial analysis is a very important part of the job, requiring the utmost precision. The different kinds of rations are used to make comparisons between different assets and liabilities. Surely, there are other various forms and tools that can help with financial ratio analysis. Excel is one of these tools and the form shown in the course is one of the most commonly known of types.

To put it very simply, ratios are used to evaluate the financial situation of a company through various different variables. And although there are many methods of calculating and performing a financial ratio analysis, the best one to use is generally accepted to be the Excel data analysis method. When you analyze financial ratios in Excel, the result you get, is usually clear, direct and, most importantly, correct. Excel makes this process a lot easier and faster, guaranteeing maximum efficiency and precision. Many companies that are looking to hire a financial analyst require employees to be proficient and knowledgeable on how to do financial ratio analysis in Excel. If you’re one of such people, you’re in luck - this course is here to help.

Learn to Use Excel - Excel in Your Job!

This course is specifically designed to help you learn and understand how you can use Excel data analysis and utilize the vast array of benefits that the program provides. Once you finish this financial ratio analysis tutorial, you will be able to understand and fully comprehend the basic and essential data analysis in Excel features to help you in your work. We will cover and discuss the top 15 financial ratios used by experts around the world, and discuss why they’re as popular and as useful as they are. We’ll cover all of the key definitions, terms and other variables that you might need - no prior experience required!

And that’s the other thing - this is a beginner’s course, which means that you do not need to have any experience with either Excel or financial ratio analysis to start learning! If you have the preferred version of Excel installed - great! That’s enough to begin learning! Whatever else you’ll need will be provided (or explained how to acquire) within the course itself. Don’t waste another minute - start learning about financial ratio analysis in Excel today!

Learn Financial Ratio Analysis in Excel
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