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Excel Financial Modeling Course: Build a Financial Model in Excel with Easy

Learn financial modeling essentials using simple software from an experienced CFO and MBA in a complete Excel financial modeling course
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You'll build a financial model from scratch
You'll learn to frame assumptions properly
You'll practice structuring a financial model in a correct order
You'll create realistic financial projections

There are many ways to use a financial model in your business once you set it up in place. It will give you the ability to see how the business will perform under certain assumptions. You’ll be able to wow investors or your boss building a rock-solid budget forecast. To be able to do just that, you’ll need this financial modeling course to equip you with essential tools.

Financial modeling for entrepreneurs and finance-minded people

Before putting money in your business, any serious investor in the world will want to see you build a financial model. Any serious businessman, just for the peace of mind and a better perspective of his financial activities, will want to put together a financial model. Someone who wants to be a valuable part of managing the finances of the company that he or she works for will want to know how to build a financial model. In either case, I encourage all entrepreneurs and financially minded people to take this Excel financial modeling course, which will teach you how to build a financial model and save you a lot of your time.

When you want to learn about some professional tools, you want to receive the knowledge from someone who’s been there and seen it. Not just a teacher who spends working days in an academic environment, but an actual professional who’s spent enough time in real business. That’s why this online financial modeling course is so valuable, as you’ll learn from someone who knows what’s important and what’s not when you learn financial modeling. Someone who knows what investors are looking for in your financial models.

How are you going to benefit from this Excel financial modeling course?

When learning financial modeling, Excel is the go-to piece of software that we’ll use in this course. Some people are overly confident with their Excel skills and think they’ll just go ahead and build financial models on their own, but there are the proper formats and the right tools to do that. And you’ll get familiar with those when you learn how to build a financial model in this course. You’ll see how they work in practice, as I would say 95% of this course will be screenshots of me building a financial model. What’s even better, at the end of the course, you’ll be able to download a workbook and use it for your own purposes as you learn to build a financial model.

This course won’t skip the essentials that you must know in the realm of finances, such as profit/loss statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, inventory, financial assumptions, etc. Even if those words are not entirely clear to you as you read this course description, by the end of this course, you’ll make good friends with them. However, a basic understanding of accounting principles and financial statements would be helpful at learning how to build a financial model.

Expect to devote around 10 hours of your time to learn financial modeling, although the video content duration is only 5.5 hours. I also recommend watching the course twice to get the full benefit out of it. In that time, you’ll build a fully functioning financial modeling Excel workbook, and work on your own financial model.

Work step by step towards the final financial model

Use the time of learning to bring practical value into your business. This financial modeling course will add a perfect tool into your business operations, and provide valuable skills to you personally. Take the opportunity, and enjoy learning!

Excel Financial Modeling Course: Build a Financial Model in Excel with Easy
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