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Financial Development and Financial Inclusion

Learn how to develop an efficient, inclusive and stable financial sector that is essential for a thriving economy.
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This course was developed by the IMF in collaboration with the European Investment Bank. Higher rates of financial inclusion and financial market development mean more prosperous societies. But how to make it all happen? This course outlines common ways countries develop robust financial sectors – from banks to equity markets. We’ll teach you how to read indicators that gauge financial development and financial inclusion – and how to measure its distinct macroeconomic impact. And you’ll understand the relationship between financial inclusion and banks and capital markets… small and medium-sized enterprises… households… and the fast-changing world of fintech. Plus we’ll explore what policies and strategies are best to encourage financial development --while also limiting risks. Join us to learn how financial sectors can be more expansive and more inclusive. The IMF’s online learning program receives financial support from the Government of Japan.
Financial Development and Financial Inclusion
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