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Family Therapy

In this mastery course, Dr. Conor Hogan shares the best international theory and practical experiences of Family Therapy
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Family Therapy

Learn all about Family Therapy from international expert Dr. Conor Hogan. As an internationally published and best selling author Dr. Conor Hogan has over 20 years of experience in the fields of emotional and mental therapies, physical therapies, psychology, psychotherapy, neuroscience, sociology, and education. As a national award winner, he understands how people think. His unique services are sought after by individuals, groups,  and companies but both nationally and internationally. He has created this course on Family Therapy in order to try to help you understand what Family Therapy is, how to use it, & how to help others.

In this course Dr. Conor Hogan instructs on the history, creation, and comparisons of Family Therapy to other psychological therapies and delves into the creator`s lifestyle and his thinking. He also brings practical experiences of the therapy in practice as well as a specialist Case Study of a small child within a troublesome family, before establishing which celebrities use this therapy.

Family Therapy
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