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Family Meetings - How To Make Them A Success

Parenting from Chaos to Peace: Gaining Children's Cooperation Without Power Struggles
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Understand the structure of successful family meetings
Understand the importance and benefits of having family meetings
Increased confidence in your parenting skills
Increased peace and harmony in your home
Increased cooperation and respect among family members
Recognize and resolve family conflicts respectfully
Learn how to respectfully share responsibilities
Develop habits to create generational success
Learn how to build a cohesive and interdependent family

Does any of these scenarios resonate with you?

  • A deep feeling of regret of becoming a parent because you think you are failing

  • Constant power struggles with your children that leave you feeling out of control, overwhelmed, angry, frustrated, and guilty

  • Children are uncooperative and out of control with constant back-talking, disrespect, and sibling fights

  • Other parenting strategies have failed and harsh strategies (e.g., spanking) are your last resort

  • Communication is filled with screams, yelling, shouts, and name calling

If you answered yes to any of the above, Family Meetings: How to Make Them A Success is for you!

The purpose of the course is to support and encourage families to create a structure via family meetings that focus on non-punitive and non-permissive strategies in solving problems within the family.

By learning how to successfully conduct family meetings, your children will have the opportunity to develop most of the characteristics and life skills you hope for them, including a sense of belonging and the belief that they are capable. You will have the opportunity to avoid power struggles when you invite problem-solving instead of lecturing and micromanaging.

Family Meetings - How To Make Them A Success
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