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Family Care Survival Course

Designed for adult children of aging parents
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How to prepare for and navigate through the process of assisting aging parents without injury to yourself

When you were little, your parents took care of you. They raised you to be an independent person who would grow up to have a life of their own.

Now that you're grown, you may be noticing changes in your parents. And if you try to bring up your concerns, your folks may be less than receptive to having "the talk."

These are stressful times, and formerly independent people are showing their vulnerability earlier than ever. Are you having to help them more? Are you prepared to get more involved? What do you need to know in order to protect them, your family and yourself? Are you ready to transition your role in your family?

By taking this unique course, you can take ownership of your future and your family's well-being. You will understand why your parents are so resistant, how to change the conversation, what to actually talk about, and how to initiate a healthy transition in family relationships.

Family dynamics are tough to overcome. People tend to stick to their traditional roles within their families, even though they've outgrown them. Taking this course will help you to initiate meaningful steps toward the life you and your loved ones were meant to live.

Family Care Survival Course
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