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Film and edit Home and family videos - Practical guide

Structured guide to what and how to film, and how to edit your next family vacation or event.
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Make and edit videos the easy and fast way
Film nice family and vacation videos
Understand what makes a nice video

Create interesting and good looking family videos very quickly, and have fun doing it by understanding videos structure, and all principles behind it.

By the end of this course you will know exactly what to film, how to film it, how to approach editing in order to tell a story with your videos, and also save time while still having good results. This course is for new parents who started taking some videos and would like to improve video quality, and need information on how to edit home videos, without necessarily becoming the next youtube sensation.

If you want practical advice on how to shoot and edit a birthday party, family vacation or a social gathering with friends and family, then this course is for you.  Or you sometimes feel like you have to force friends to watch your videos? Or you have someone in your family that forces you to watch their videos? This course has all the steps and easy to remember guides on what and how to shoot, how to edit, what is important to know and think about in each step, how to save time and improve quality.

With a lot of practical, real life examples related to each lesson, and a easy to fallow guidelines and "rules" it will be very easy for you to remember and have a clear strategy on what to do when you start recording and how to approach the editing process. There is also downloadable cheat-sheet that you can just throw in your camera bag for a quick and easy reference when you need it.

I have so many friends struggling with amount of video clips they have on their pc, clips that are unorganized and unrelated and difficult to review and edit, that they just give up before they even start editing them. In this course we are going to organize them and discuss some options on what to do with them.

There are a lot of free resources about videography, and you can do what I did and watch thousands of free videos about professional film making, and then use hundreds of hours to test and adjust how it applies to family videos. Or you can get all relevant and formulated information in this single 2 hours course, and practically tomorrow know exactly what to do when you take your camera, how to organize videos and have a clear and easy recipe to an easy editing workflow. Film and edit your childrens birthady party, soccer or football match, even your next vegas night.

Please watch free promo videos to get a feel on how the information is presented in this course, and remember, you have thirty days money back guarantee if you feel that this course is not good or it is not for you, so there is no risk involved.

I am looking forward to seeing you in this course.

Film and edit Home and family videos - Practical guide
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