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Faith Foundations - The Key To Receiving From God

How to Believe For Healing, Provision, Protection and Victory in the middle of Difficulty
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How to have faith in God. To learn how to trust Him going through difficult times and believe in Him for healing, provision and success.
How to develop our trust in God.
How to receive from God.
The power of our words.
What is faith.
A believers responsibility to exercise faith.
Living by faith explained.
Learn the difference between heart faith and head faith

’Faith Foundations’ is your go-to resource for living out your faith and having a fruitful and proactive life.

The ‘FAITH FOUNDATIONS Course’ can provide opportunities to navigate the choppy waters of life and place you in a position of victory.


  • Provide opportunity to learn ‘What Faith is’

  • Provide opportunity to evaluate your own level of ‘Faith’

  • Help you understand ‘How Faith Comes’

  • Helps you focus on your confession to establish your future.

Get With The ‘FAITH FOUNDATIONS Course’ and

  • Grow in Faith

  • Develop understanding of ‘What is Faith’

  • Realise where you may have gone wrong in ‘Believing God’

  • Take the necessary steps to make any required adjustments.

What Will You Learn?

  • What does ‘Living By Faith’ mean?

  • What is Faith?

  • Two Kinds of Faith

  • Joshua Principle

  • Parable of the Sower

  • How you ‘Release Your Faith’

  • Creative Power of Words

Are There Any Course Requirements?

  • Have an interest in the Christian Faith

  • Be motivated and have an Intention to grow in Faith

Who Is The Course For?

  • People who desire to grow in their Faith in God

  • Those who want to learn how to trust God

  • Those who are believing God for provision, healing and victory

  • People seeking to change their future by investing in their growth today

Enjoy and Be Blessed in your study......

Faith Foundations - The Key To Receiving From God
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